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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Brexit Baloney.

How The Establishment Is Whingeing.

I'm unsure which particular individual would reflect the spoilt brat above. So many to choose from. Morgan, Soubry, Camoron, the list is endless. The multi-millionaire boss of Unilever would feature, too. However of all of those to pick from, I think Edstone Milibad The Pathetic, is my favourite.

Like all of them their cosy, privileged and spoilt sense of entitlement has been shaken by a powerful whiff of democracy. So strong as to have gathered hundreds of thousands, even millions, of quid to piss up the walls of the High Court and further line the bulging pockets of lawyers. 

Yet I also sense a growing confidence as the pique of defeat, normally felt by we little folk at exorbitant taxes, powerful self interests and corruption as pure as the heroin they snort at their parties, to fuel their ridicule of we lesser mortals, is beginning to give way to a recovery of their shaken arrogance. 

Sadly I see a growing manipulation of the present situation towards a punishment of immense proportions to force us all into line. it probably began with Carney lowering, completely unnecessarily the already rock bottom interest rate post the result of the referendum. For good measure he/they (the PTB) added a further damaging proviso that we might see a further minuscule reduction just to rub salt into the action.

As for Parliament. Either they hope to get back control from the democratic result and stop Brexit in its tracks or force an election the combined remain traitors might hope to win. Either way there are powerful moves afoot.

Just one factor is ignored. Circa 17, 410,810 people saw the light. I suspect there were many more who either took on board the campaign of fear or who didn't really exist at all but were ghosts of the EUSSR dictatorship. with the growing, glaring campaign afoot to reverse or nullify the ballot I would hope millions more would vote with the last majority if an election is called.

Indeed the Party most able to guarantee a manifesto to ratify the feelings of those 17 million plus would likely attract millions more. If Parliament, for the first time in my lifetime actually became a true representation of the electorate then nought but success would follow. 

Any other alternative outcome would send us down a path to civil war. As in the Middle East. Manchester an Aleppo in these small but controlled Islands. Ironically created by similar Corporate  American meddling as that which has laid waste to many fine cultures right back to Vietnam. Think and weep at how it all is in our sad, modern, overcrowded and blighted world.   

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