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Friday, 9 September 2016

When The Establishment Is Worried......

It Goes Quiet.

As the scandals whirl round Mrs Cigar Muncher the media across the US and Europe have gone very taciturn. We saw a little of this in the last weeks of the EU referendum when doubts began to surface, not in Mediastan though, rather public perception. A scenario in which the internet begins to attract people suddenly aware their mouthpieces of the corrupt Establishment are porking.

It would seem the BBC crowd have forgotten there is an American Presidential election going on. Add to this the coverage lite of the G20 jamboree and Obummer's somewhat embarrassing presence staring out Vlad like some ugly pugilist at a weigh in and something looks strangely out of breath. Note Vladimir's bemused expression. When The Donald says which guy he prefers I find it hard not to agree.

As for Mrs Munch, when she allowed, disgracefully, the death of Ambassador Stevens to go unchallenged or even debated, her true nastiness shone forth. How much she and her pal colluded in this matter may never be known but I regard it as a legacy more deserved and any accolades. 

Unfortunately, in our modern white is black world of Western Establishment corruption and gore, our ghastly leaders prancing and preening at G20 feasts are impervious to any genuine consideration of the real world. They lecture their respective citizens on all and sundry and put their failings and guilt onto the rest of us.

The Middle East inferno and the fall out of a new global, mass exodus from most of Africa is a prime example. The winners still the arms dealers and the Wahabist Saudis. This link  shows an excellent picture of the intent. All the time we poor schmucks are fed a subliminal tract that somehow it's all our fault. If the Americans elect that terrible apologist for murder and brutality, then for sure they will have immense guilt for the coming next years of terror. She'll condone anything if ordered to by her global puppeteers. 

Her election will be a blank cheque to continue the same Islamist agenda pursued avidly by Barackus Hubris Maximus. A woman so besotted with power and wealth she'll happily parade her geriatric Lothario anywhere he chooses to suck a cigar, if it garners favour. Sick and depraved they will be the standard bearers for how the West was lost. 

Still better lost than continue the way it is being taken right now.


  1. Think you've summed that up fairly comprehensively.

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