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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Decline Of Competence.

Not Fit For Purpose.

I recently exchanged an email with this cretinous Quango, The Met Office. Like all pseudo Government outfits today there is that air of smug arrogance and sniffy air of entitlement in their responses. As I sit watching violent storms pass by in a constant barrage of heavy rain and thunder, of a magnitude to spark flash flooding and significant crop and fruit harvest damage, the blase air of certainty spouted by this imbecile and his likewise smug but incompetent computer slavish robots, I despair.

If ever you need a flag bearer for the decline in our society, the dumbing down inversely proportional to the huge salaries, bloated egos and total belief in their own minuscule intellects, here we have it in spades. This is the same outfit enthralled with their ambition to dominate the gross fallacy of AGW. If mankind is influential in the destruction of our planet, it is the political and corporate reach to blame.

Not least for the endless rounds of nuclear explosions significantly more influential on the tectonic plates than ever any number of landfill sites across the Earth. Add the wars and greed of insatiable covetousness and the arms traders' murky world of annihilation for profit, a reason for dumbing down the average education of the little folk and a pattern emerges.

A pattern we see hourly in the utterings emanating from the TV presenters, masquerading as unquestionable experts, on the vagaries of the science of meteorology. All they are capable of, in this day and age but one example of their almost inevitably incorrect, inaccurate capability to get most forecasts right.    

I spent my working life in aviation. Decades since I could use a forecast to plan a flight in a small aircraft with a deep sense of trust and safety. Not today. The storms hitting the Marches were just not even hinted at in the broadcast linked to. 

It is now 1630 and the radar shows the storms still tracking North Easterly and many places around Birmingham and up to Manchester, possibly even further East, are in for a shock. My only surprise is that I'm surprised. What more should we expect from a society so steeped in average to dumb capability, on the back of leftard social engineering, that everybody now acts with a shrug when computers screw up.

I saw a brief and gross programme featuring Air Traffic control. One of my former careers alongside airline flying. Some gross, tattooed, overweight and guttural female was paraded with glee as a poster girl for my old profession. It had its cultural and old boy influences back then but at least upheld some standards. Not anymore, if that apparition was anything to go by. A careless, slovenly appearance surely indicative of her work.

I guess, like her counterparts in the Met Office, she's just required to press buttons, with little need to exercise any talent or enthusiasm for flair and competence. No doubt spouting from a crib sheet produced by the computers. As this creeps into other professions, such as medicine, life will cheapen ever further. We are observing the early stages already. Careless hygiene, lack of dedication from "junior doctors" and an inability to cope with mass demand and immigration foisted on us all by the dull nature of a civil service hell bent on nought but their own careers and greed. Aided eloquently by a political Establishment of cretinous morons, in the main.

A plague on all their houses.


  1. Lowest common denominator rules.

    Where once those who were less able were trained and encouraged up to the standards of the best, now everything has to be dumbed down to the level of the incompetent.

    Automating the job along the way so those valuable skills get rusty and eventually lost.

    All must have prizes in the new utopia.

    5 years and i'm retired, there was a time when i would like to have carried on in a part time basis, but the dumbing down in my humble industry is getting to me, each new generation of equipment taking over, one size must fit all, i've just about had enough.


  2. Regarding AGW I would recommend this video, it's about an hour long but well worth the time.It flies in the face of the conventional propaganda so no surprise they had difficulty getting it published.

    P.S. Liked the previous owl yarn, it made a nice change.