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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Right Honourable?

Omo Vaz.

I could write a damning essay as to this oleaginous and smug, gross cretin and still not come close to his ghastly, narcissistic, rotten, conniving hubris. A man typical of most to whom power is bestowed by others too incapable of seeing the man within. Odious and sadly typical of many of his ilk and culture. One which sees many others from their ancestral background as, of all things, untouchable. At least unless of a more sordid profession and persuasion.

Of those  latter unfortunates used and abused by Vaz suffice to say they have done us all a favour in shopping his gross and dubious character. A man who today many have not expressed any surprise as to the base proclivities he's happy to have pursued. Let us just note the scenes portrayed in the exposure as more than sufficient to understand the depth of his "private life" and the blatant arrogance employed in its continuance and hypocrisy.

For me this whole nasty business is sickening even more than the grotesqueness of his behaviour for the following observation. Corbyn and  Loughton, together with that awful man, Livingstone, were oozing platitudes over Vaz's career whilst ignoring the disgust most people will have felt over these revelations and the paucity of decency in the actions and words of the man caught "in flagrante". His resignation carried zilch aplogy to his paymasters. Us.

His decades at the teat of tax funded largess was disgraceful and full of nought but overweening hubris. Like most of them of course. This "entitled to a private life" excuse a constant but worn record so utterly not true. If an individual wishes to embrace the duty of Office and tax funded luxury and privilege then the cost of this honour is to be honourable. So often this is not the case.

The eulogies and praise heaped on the despicable man is breathtaking. I am minded of the same whingeing obsequiousness with which the pro-remain crowd behaved about all things EUSSR. Blind to the reality of the dismissive mood towards the Establishment precisely because of the same old attitudes now pouring forth as to Saint Whiter Than White Omo reverance. As if we aren't bright enough to know that behind the scenes a very large number of folk in the know will be rubbing their hands in glee. Chuka Umunna well out in front. 

As Omo retires to lick his wounds or something even more unpalatable, let us not forget. We pay a huge amount in tax to fund these people. It costs us all much more than cash, however. They despise us all as inconvenient earnings fodder. They need culling substantially. In both Houses. Still we can be glad, so far, we are to dump their pals in Brussels and Berlin. God willing.

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