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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

American Intransigence.

How The World Was Lost.

When Western global reach found its fingers burnt is a tough call to determine. A President who turned out to be a staunch Saudi Wahhabist, or at least of Islamist roots can't have been of any help to an already failing grip on power. 9/11 was certainly a major factor. Here the lack of diplomacy by Bliar and Bush and the stupidity of their interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq exactly the response expected and indeed wanted.

I have always felt that 9/11 was designed to force an economic collapse on the West and the USA in particular. 2008 showed some efficacy for that feeling. Furthermore the Establishment's response and actions were as useless and inflammatory as their military interventions and regime change, bullying, meddling.

When we talk about the West, we in essence mean the USA Corporate enslavement of much of the world's people and resources, shackled to a selfish and greedy capitalist doctrine, far removed from the early birth of an aspirational freedom for all. A doctrine prepared to make allies of despots and all and sundry, for their own need to subjugate and dominate.

So blinkered has this bullying excuse for democracy become, its spawn, such as the EUSSR together with legions of bankers and corrupt mafia associates, have become like spoilt children throwing tantrums when things move against their control freakery. The Middle East in particular, despite the unholy alliance with Saudi money and tribal blood lust hasn't worked out as planned. Sanctions flopped against Iran and all the post rapprochement kow-towing to that fact, Iran still chose not to desert Assad and Syria. That despite the fractious nature of the irritation that must have washed over Washington and Riyadh. 

We also must consider the blinder played by Putin and Russia. The manner Crimea was gently nudged to return to the Russian fold. That after the CIA backed coup and regime change in Ukraine, was brilliant. As was the legal backing for Assad when requested by that legitimate regime, to help prevent a dictatorship of an American, Saudi alliance. China also on board in likely pacts with Russia against any further American expansionism across the Planet.

Back to Syria. All the blame and counter blame going on we must probe deeply to follow any clues as to where propaganda stunts might be in play. The tame and gross Western and UK media, an ever fading tool for honest endeavor, is not a decent source of debate or doubt of American Establishment utterances. The attack on an aid convoy just as it arrived at its destination wrecked a cease fire unwanted  by the rebels. Very convenient. As was the shooting down of MH17 worthy of at least consideration that all might not be what is fed to us little folk.

The UN stated but was quietly ignored, that they were unable to say if it was the an attack from aircraft on that convoy. Nor was the dreadful and helpful to ISIS, attack and killing of Syrian troops given much air time. The bias, justified or not, is palpable in its blatant and poverty stricken intellect. All of these wartime killings are to be abhorred but seemingly not if it they are chosen to be labelled the enemy of American interests. Remember Vietnam?

I regard the decline of Western influence to be welcomed if it has to be operated as, hitherto, it has developed. There is a powerful and justifiable anti Establishment tide swell at the moment. Brexit and the support for Trump two indicators of many. If our so called representatives began to listen to their people and be less seduced by their bankers and despotic, corporate, globalists, things could improve in a matter of months.

For a start Assad should be backed to the hilt and every violent, murdering rebel brought to book. Not armed and funded to save face at the expense of this terrible conflict. A solid, strong determination for return to the state prior to 5 years ago, followed by elections in a state of peace, would go well. The Syrian people need guiding back to a democratic, fair ballot. If they still were to choose Assad then that should be protected. Not thwarted in a manner now employed by disgruntled remain Establishment snowflakes in the UK.

Once Syria were stabilised, turn to the Yemen. The Saudi, American/UK backed incursion and slaughter there is a disgrace. Note the silence in our media in that matter. That should be stopped. Leave it then to that Nation's people to solve.

Finally, destroy the American as well as the Islamic stupidity of trying to rule the whole human race. It's been tried ever since the birth of mankind. All its ever done is create wastelands of lush and beautiful habitats. It will end one of two ways. A decent world or a nuclear holocaust and the end of, possibly justifiably, the human race.


  1. So obviously America's doing, this.

  2. Strangely the American elections seem more important than our own, if Trump can overcome the establishment fraud and msm lies his victory will mark a turning point that can only have positive effects world wide. Once the middle east becomes stable, sans American warmongering, the "refugees" can be shipped back to their origins. That alone will be a plus, not to mention without obama's malign influence there will be a chance to repair relations with Russia, the only country that throughout this fiasco of western lies and deceit, has played a straight game.