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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tragedy And Common Sense.

What Have We Become.

Our society has created a moronic class. This tragic but avoidable event has enormous signalling power as to what we have become. A Nation so crowded, disadvantaged and poor in its education of our young as to now bare witness to the political failings post the second world war.

Discipline, good manners and considerate attitudes have been removed from any upbringing tenets now adhered to by parents, often single and an establishment which has produced generations of working parents. At the cost of bringing up kids properly. What else can we point the finger at for the paucity of common sense and any semblance of effort to avoid ignorant and stupid behaviour?

There was a time when even the least able could be taught basic life skills. A time when "having fun" was reserved for those periods outside learning and being useful to ones parents and social circle. The growth of consumerism and the worship of a banal celebrity culture, combined with slavish addiction to the siren songs, via I-phones and the internet, now spawns people with zero understanding of reality.

We then have to watch aghast as these generations begin to inhabit industries and politics once the preserve of more educated and intelligent offspring. Service industries a prime example. Robots sticking to a script with little or no flexibility or common sense. The cost of mistakes or subtle manipulation of these less than capable people born by those supposedly and laughably "served". Scams perpetrated via useful idiots totally prepared to obey regardless of who gets hurt. Insurers and bureaucrats to the fore.

The rise of political correctness and dare I say the promotion and instigation of multi cultural matters have both played a part in the dumbing down process. Many teachers today no better than their charges and without any ability to instill self discipline on their spoilt narcissistic little brats. God only help us if we ever have to face serious problems in the near future.

It is said that our referendum result was won by the older generations. Some kids of a leftie liberal and dreamer mentality whinge that somehow something special was taken from them. I suggest it has been. The ability to belong to a stupid clique hell bent on eventually dictating to us all as to when we should do their bidding. 

Lest I be to biased, there are still many young people who counter those I am writing of. Often from immigrant backgrounds and what was once the majority nuclear family of parents and relatives. Where, once held dear, values of human interaction were paramount or dare I say old fashioned. The rush by socialists to sweep all that away is now patently shown to be catastrophic. 

Generations of "snowflakes" aimless and in many ways a useless burden on the rest of us. There usefulness only good for the exploitation of global fast food and consumer brands. Paid for through a benefit system by those of us forced to watch our hard work and success drained in a swamp of mediocrity and political taxation theft. I wonder how long this can go on before there is nothing left to find? Already mutterings as how to fleece people more can be heard. Notwithstanding we are already expected to fund our later years with the same hard won assets.


  1. Funnily enough we were talking about things like this recently.

    I feel really sorry for children subjected to the general state education system of the last 30 or 40 years, increasingly they've been lectured at, what to do what job to have what to think, where in times before maybe we were taught to think independently..

    Certainly the latter was the norm at my amazing and wondefully old fashioned school, still mortar boards and capes, masters and mistress, not teachers.
    Even had our own army and navy cadet force, rifle range and half decent armoury.

    Modern education seems to be pointed at a production line of good little drone consumers, shining examples of which can be seen queueing for hours, days even, to be the first to own the iPhone19.
    Is this what passes for fulfillment these days.

    A double face palm is the only reaction to such a sad sight.

    Regards, and good to see you back from hols and at 'em


  2. Have just tweeted on this and many agree. Plus this:

    Our society has created a moronic class. This tragic but avoidable event has enormous signalling power as to what we have become.

    Question now is - what can we do, individually or severally?

  3. So these young men died because they are morons? Where are the Christian values you claim to have in making this statement?