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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Groundhog Days Return.

Syria And Right And Wrong.

The propaganda war over Syria continues apace. Probably 99% of Western populations would never dream of challenging the utter tripe churned out by our MSM. However there are places to be found which mimic the likes of BBC and sky. This link being one such example. As with Western and Russia Today coverage we go over and over the same old bias, disinformation and BBC total crap.

As we all become hardened and eventually indifferent to all this subterfuge and vague obfuscation, the likes of Camoron preach the moral and legal high ground by backing the Saudi atrocities in Yemen. This whilst quite happily drenching himself in hypocrisy where Syria and his atrocious failings in Iraq and especially Libya are long forgotten.

All these claims and counter claims and childish tit for tats go round and round each day so repetitive and predictable it is getting embarrassing. The obsession, led by Obummer's antipathy to Putin and all things white, Christian based, leaves me to marvel at the chutzpah each new day brings as if it were yesterday's gofer chasing its own nose.

People submit, again with urging and manipulation, to a constant copycat response to RT broadcasts that it's all pure propaganda. Yet I observe more serious debate and palatable discussion in an hour than in weeks of the SKY,  CNN, Fox and BBC corporate outpourings of Obummer/Merkel speak. One of the phrases beloved of Western media that of "war crimes".

Let me proffer some hard truths on this phrase. Firstly it is, with few exceptions, as in WW2 the need to stop the genocide in Europe, an oxymoron. War is a crime in itself. A failure to foresee potential conflict or even foment same. Even the post first world war humiliation of Germany can be argued as a major factor in the terrible consequences which ensued.

Then we come to the annihilation of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. How's that stack up against chlorine gas and cluster bombs of today? What about Vietnam and agent orange? Epitomised in this iconic and horrific picture.

    How badly my generation has and is served by those who regard global power and dominance a holy grail for those allowed to be considered worthy of supping from it's overflowing contents of wine turned into the blood of innocents. 

To break out of the groundhog day cycle we need a lot more honesty and decent self awareness to break out. Brexit is a shot across the bows of the smug and stupid self entitlement devotees. The Donald looking to be another broadside. Not least the possibility of a strong bond developing between America and Russia.

If that fills any reader with horror, consider this. Could it be any worse than the present forelock tugging we endure from The EUSSR across the Atlantic? That responsible for the wrecking of the Middle East, the rise of Islamic terrorism and the destabilisation of Ukraine. All that horror yet more groundhog days of petty and poor political morons and their pathetically weak "advisers" repeating the bloody and corrupt wars fought endlessly over centuries.

In Syria there is an answer. The Western powers need to eat very large portions of humble pie. Tell the Saudis to get stuffed. They  are already reeling from their loss of power through oil now no longer their one trick pony of unearned income and wealth at the expense of the rest of the World. Fracking, especially in the USA, Iran back on the market and Syria together with Russia, holding substantial deck of cards. 

The hag Hilary will perpetuate the present morass, Trump more likely to change it. Those with vested interests in the corporate corridors of hypocrisy and gangsterism are desperate to blacken his chances. Their inability to learn from ancient history, or the historic democratic loathing which helped win Brexit, just these last few weeks since, is a joy to behold.

As for the future. We need a powerful new dawn. One less prepared to see politicians throw themselves with alacrity on the altar of hypocrisy. It might yet still happen.

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