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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Beware A Changing World.

Obama's Legacy, Islamic Dominance.

As Erdogan and his forces piled into Syria just days ago and began to pound the West's best forces, the Kurds, under the pretence of attacking his business partners, IS, something occurred to me in this seemingly complex scenario. Is this an unholy Axis of Saudi/Turk muscle flexing?

If so is Obama complicit? His Islamic leanings, hatred of Putin and failures at home would be powerful motives. Add to that his beloved House of Saud is struggling to live on the reduced billions of dollars oil used to generate. Their quiet power from obscene wealth and the monetary sycophancy of the West's arms dealers, bankers and political classes was fading. They needed a boost to their fortunes via an expansionist agenda as huge as hitherto wielded by the American infidel Establishment infiltrated, possibly, by one of their own in Obummer. 

The further salt to the Saudi Sunni wounds may well be seen via America's dealing with their Shia rivals in Iran. A Nation not too far removed from attaining nuclear weapon technology. Also Iran is in a coalition with Russia and Assad in an effort to stem the massed forces range against Syria's legitimate Regime. 

With Kurdish military and racial pride giving them a powerful edge on the battlefields and streets of Northern Syria, strength in depth from Iran and Russia in the South, IS are genuinely being slowly defeated and driven elsewhere. Something which seems to be jointly unacceptable to those seeking to take over Syria as disastrously as they have in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now further stretched, with Saudi military might, into Yemen.

Then we have the mass migration dressed up as asylum and refugee waves but which are little more than surrogate economic and terrorist movement to destabilise European nations. Working better than the overt military campaigns, to date. Also happening Stateside but easier to camouflage in a Nation born from such mass movement of economic migrants and the genocide of an endemic race. 

So we can, possibly, argue the apparent complexity and confusion in the Middle east is but yet another chapter in history dominated by greed and acquisitional, covetously driven self interest. Power and wealth the driving forces clashing with a desire of nations to protect their own races and countries in the face of these invasions. Biblical to say the least!

If we stay with the Biblical analogy, just one question then remains, who, in all this horrific, brutal and savage mayhem, if any, are God's chosen people? Of course if there is no God that question becomes redundant. As does Islam and Mohammed. Then we are left with morality. How should we tainted, polluting and arrogant creatures live? Christian values, God or no God, had the best track record, once. At least in the West.

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  1. Interesting moves by Turkey. Not sure of the eventual goal.