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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Back Home.

Our World Still Ablaze.

I am astounded at the banality of August and the wall to wall ignoring of real events in favour of the salivation over the Olympic games. Sure there's some good stuff to be watched but sadly drugs still have a Jumbo stuck resolutely in the building if not in the room. So I am wary of too much enjoyment in case it is likely to be tainted down the road.

More worryingly is the plethora of news items ignored and blanked by our self absorbed media and the escalation of censorship by subtlety. Not least the abbreviated footage of a black man's sister calling for "non violence" after her brother shot dead by, it appears, a black officer who knew him. The real speech was one of incitement to violence against white suburbs. As we see here.

Then there are email leaks showing how Soros has been able to use his wealth to run Washington global destabilisation interventionism. Some market fixing is this. You set up billions of hedges knowing full well a nation is about to be thrown deliberately into turmoil. Bingo, you cream billions as the mayhem, murder and slaughter of innocents unfolds. Some democracy, that. No wonder the evil old fart was upset about Brexit.

Mind you, the talk now is not until late 2019. Yeah, or some time never. As "late 2019" arrives we'll get "It's so near the UK election in May, 2020, no point doing it until after then." Since May's pathetic excuse right now is the French and German ballots, why would that not apply in 2019 to the UK's. Plus Soros is smarting so much brexit must be stopped.

Finally the migrant crisis. Violence, albeit subdued for now, still covers Europe. Corsica feeling a backlash with most of France. Germany smoking and about to burst into flames. if the present warm weather continues our own ghettos may well erupt. never mind, the cushy, expensively bodyguard secured havens of the rich and powerful elites will be just fine. Well that may be not for much longer if their nastiness and Soros funded world gets to be found out by greater numbers of those effected.

Enjoy what's left of this summer break. The bar stewards will be back ere long and the drudgery of subjugation once more de rigeur.


  1. Welcome back hope you are refreshed. The msm are slightly over cooking the olympics, just like they did with remain, it's always so obvious when the msm acts like a rabble rouser at a BLM spree, it's for a reason. Like I've said before if May keeps procrastinating on art 50 she may find herself overtaken by events, the eu wheels are looking pretty wobbly. We are in a time of waiting and hoping at present. If Trump gets elected there could be a sea change. Check out this poll, I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

  2. Checked and tweeted once I climbed back onto my own chair, RAC.