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Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Establishment Is Quick To Depress Us All.

Did We Really Vote To Leave?

A Brexit voter being dragged off for re-education. Judging by the infantile actions and trolling of the EUSSR brainwashed kids their lobotomization is done in their infant or kindergarten stage of persuasion. Something in the manner as described in this feature here. 

I am still enjoying the MSM's attempts to whip up civil disobedience, somewhat lamely. Their absolute determination to promote the ghastly Theresa May and her dreadful statement that she would keep our hands tied via the ECHRC.  No doubt to be used to further some already half concocted legalese to block the wishes of a majority of British people. A majority so huge the efforts to reduce it failed dismally. Rest assured there was such a plot. The shock and unexpected final count on the faces of the Establishment prove this.

One might also question the weird numbers published by those ridiculous pollsters. Where, if not from some seemingly credible source, did they get such margins? Were these tools of the Establishment privy to some already known numbers already in place? If this were so then it would answer a great deal about the reactions and shockwaves throughout the EUSSR Establishment. Also account for Camoron's volte face over not resigning.

All this notwithstanding the petty, puerile, so EUSSR like reactions from the remain kiddies are beyond satire. The clamour for a second referendum straight out of the Berlin/Brussels modus operandi as in the case of the enforced change of the Irish vote when not the result wanted. A historic piece of  evidential guarantee as to the draconian, Stalinist nature of Merkl's EUSSR.

I began this post on Saturday evening. After a cornucopia of Establishment, Londonistan centric, bollocks this morning I laughed and laughed at those being trotted out. Len McCluskey for once a beacon of common sense in it all. Tearing Marr a new rear end as he skewered the wee and well past it little BBC mascot's reverential, tumescent salivation over (I'm accepting £400 a day expenses to change the Lords from within), head fred of the nepotistic, self entitled hypocritical Kinnock bunch of Pikeys.

Len was scathingly dismissive of the old Blairite sycophants including Lord Ate All The Pies, half cut, Prezza. Before this trouncing of all things sacrosanct to the Marr show, agog and reverential, pretend socialists of the BBC Marr bided his time with the quite fragrant Andrea. Purred and ogled with carefully managed faux adoration. The clown truly believing his "come into my parlour", creepy and orchestrated web would really blow her away.

Back in circa 1000 long days since Mrs Leadsom did a little, at the time, irrelevant speech suggesting a long period of economic difficulty if we left the EUSSR. She then responded that a 17 month long research project covering much of the EUSSR fiefdom changed her mind. Probably when she visited that blighted, once lovely country of Greece. Now subjugated under the modern jackboot of an inflexible, Merkel run EU. Many of the rich pretend leftie luvvies might care to help bail out those forgotten people.

Later Mrs Leavesom added to her change of heart after Camoron so dismally failed to cut a real deal with the Commissars. However during all her TV appearances so far she has been brilliant in putting down the aggressive nastiness she's already facing from an openly hostile media battalion of mercenaries and pirates. A crowd of Faisal Islam led pygmies.

The very crowd of sheep following, coitus with the Establishment, mincing inadequates who drooled over that nonsensical YouGov and populus polling that let us all who wanted out sink into despair at 2200hrs on Independence day. Mind you they allowed us that glorious feeling, when your side are three nil adrift then storms into a commanding win. However I'm getting dangerously close to gloating. It truly is difficult not to when we are force fed this diet of anti-democratic mud slinging by the ever more increasingly enemy within.

I have to close. Before I do I will say this. Despite the wishes of the remain cretinous weeping and gnashing of teeth, tantum ridden kiddies of remain, the essence of this victory is that the smug and self entitled hierarchy we suffer took a knockout blow. The count is not over and they may well get back up. The concussion may never recover, God willing.

As for the "Get Corbyn" drama. Tells us how much the Establishment are rocking as their unholy alliance with the corporations, banks and Commissars is mirrored  throughout all the main parties' now crumbling mansions. Go Andrea. We all deserve you in Downing Street. I see no other decent candidate anywhere, including left, right or Brussels!

If she doesn't win can I petition Theresa May, through her ECHR courts, for being made to cry like a childish, weak remainer?


  1. All the cry babies chanting on the streets of London about the chances we've snatched from them, why are they not across in the Euro wonderland taking up these soon to be lost opportunities. And if the Globalist future is so good it's strange that all the big business, Rothschild, Sorus,and the like, the people who are encouraging the remanders, all made their pile in the pre Globalist era when the NWO was a conspiracy subject on a par space aliens and UFO's.

  2. britains move to pull out of the europen union popularly branded as the brexit has led to individuals from all walks of life developing different oppinions about the move thanks for sharing your sentiments old rightie