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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

So For A Few Weeks Dust May Settle.

There Again Will Storm Clouds Really Dampen Dust Devils?

In the recent weeks since the historic and quite wonderful vote to leave the EUSSR, the storms, whipped up by the BBC and Sky empires of doom, have  
raged relentlessly against those of us who stampeded away from the sheep pens and enslavement beloved of the Establishment. Especially the likes of Juncker and his other unelected mates such as Schulz. Of course their former object of unadulterated idolisation, Barroso has been appointed a Chairmanship of Goldman Sachs and notably on an undisclosed salary. Some envious gnashing of teeth there, I understand, from the comrades.

However the news today that we are dismissing the "Presidency" of the EUSSR next year was nice to hear. A further indication that the escaped sheep are  not to be rounded up in the near future. Interestingly the sheepdogs primed to do that job, in the form of packs of lies on a disastrous economic collapse, is proving hard to do. The fear mongering  still the staple diet of the MSM. 

Every bit of good news, such as the FTSE, rapidly countered with "buts" from the tame mongrels in the MSM. The 24 billion investment in ARM and more jobs met with dismay, such as never followed the loss of British Steel to TATA. Sky now showing the currency market figures alongside the FTSE screen inserts.
Then there was the FTSE 250 now sold as the index that mattered. Only to be further embarrassed when that recovered!

Still, we can smile quietly at the travails of the "remainers" and the disintegrating Labour shower. All part of the same Establishment guilty of keeping us in the sheep pens and getting us to baa on command. Even now unable to realise that 54% of the sheep have gone! None too soon, either. 

By that I suggest Angela Merkel's flirtation with the World's latest genocidal butcher, Erdogan. A man easily riding roughshod over the West and that ghastly, swaggering Muslim running Washington just now. Can you follow the billions being paid to Turkey to slow mass migration whilst Merkel laid out the welcome mat and offered up her jungfrauen to the lechery of primitive and culturally devoid males?

So as the "silly season" shortly kicks off brace yourselves for widespread violence and atrocities. We are still plagued by a political Establishment steeped in blood for their lily livered appeasement of any culture not related to white traditions and Christianity. I am sad to say I regard the Old testament a more realistic approach to the diseased side of flawed human nature. 

Envy, covetousness and the selfishness of our rotten seed corn produce of socialist, dilapidated mills. Decades of the idiocy surrounding the worship of minorities, the slavish adherence to political correctness and the enforced nightmare of multicultural but segregated societies have all brought us to the present day. 

One where racism, in all kinds of different guises such as religion or social disadvantage, now overwhelms the appeasement and stupidity of the London centrist chatterati. The Polly Toynbee set of superior hypocrisy now struggling to cope as their meddling ignorance has given birth to an emerging violence that threatens to hack away the last vestiges of once decent peoples' tolerance.

Mind you, the fall of the EUSSR Empire may, just may be cause for hope. Throw in a maverick President at the expense of a corrupt and sickening representative of Goldman Sachs' spawn and my dream of a few months ago of a real revolution, an alliance with Russia and the draconian clampdown of terrorism and its mass migration Panzer divisions, might come true! 

Enjoy the rest of this better summer than of late! Not just the weather. Go Corbyn! Destroy Labour and its ridiculous socialism of equality.


  1. I have had a recent discussion with folk who think it disgusting that we should now have an unelected PM – an election should be held! When I pointed out that Ms May is an elected representative, they then railed about how she should get the post of PM without the general populace’s say-so… *sigh*

    I then pointed out that the elite of the EU are most definitely NOT elected, they were puzzled – “But they are MEPs, and they are all elected…” Hmmm... have any of the seven EU presidents presently in office been elected? That they cannot see the problems that such ignorance could create for democracy goes well over their heads – “But nobody who voted really knew anything about it!” being the common wail. Perhaps we should have left it to the experts; after all, they constantly assure us that they know what is for the best…

  2. If there had been a G.E. I think it's pretty sure the conniving shysters would have twisted it round to being another referendum in all but name so maybe what we got is a good compromise. We get May foisted on us but escape the absolute certainty of massive vote rigging, they wouldn't have taken another chance of a true result.
    Don't know how much actual power is vested in the presidency position we turned down but the vengeful Luddite in me says it would have been amusing to have used it to create as much bureaucratic mayhem as possible before bowing out.
    Way things seem to be speedily swirling into the cesspit unless we get out soon there may not be anything left to get out of.
    Don't trust the way Merkle is being uncharacteristically "nice".

  3. I wrote this piece a year or so back and regret I have yet to be proven wrong. The winter of unrest is coming...

  4. RAF Marham told not to wear their uniforms off the base. Quite WRONG IMHO, they should carry on as normal but each issued with a pistol, to be carried at all times, dead extremists don't need to be deported or jailed for years at taxpayers expense.

  5. There are some signs and many are watching May with Hollande, to see how she reacts.

  6. Here is a strange coincidence...........

  7. As strange as Erdogan's shenanigans.

  8. Reminds one of the "dancing Israelis" of 911, such amazing foresight.

    Mr.Putin surely can't trust Golum but he's a canny player, hope he's got a long spoon.