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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Lessons Will Not Be Learnt.

More Ignored.

The media is now wallowing in the Chilcot report today. As always and just like their political cronies, Bliar one in particular, the MSM are conveniently ignoring their part is conning the public over this dreadful business.

There will be acres of woodland and forests dedicated to yet another blind fest to celebrate what is  considered important news story. The nuances of deceit surrounding this and so many other drastic incompetencies our Sir Humphreys nurture and massage their political puppets into carrying out. A perfect example is now being trotted out by the moronic, nasty Bliar. 

However I would like to leave this gross matter to others who might more clinically dissect the black hole our Country was forced into by a Labour Government. Onet evil beyond all imagination. Abuse of power, as always with socialists, an art form which Bliar competed with Van Gogh for supremacy. Then to quit for richer pickings and dumping a proven lunatic and nose debris muncher on us.

An enforced placement in Downing Street cobbled together without, by your leave, to any nod in the direction of democracy. Something now underway with the present Charlatan shortly vacating Downing Street. Like Bliar, seeking to ensure that by all means fair or foul, mostly foul, the British people will inherit nothing he or the Civil Service and that rump of a legislature, Parliament, determine we should have through a democratic vote.

Let us be very clear. The Tory leadership contest is a farce. The one candidate and only one preferred by the Establishment and Brussels is being eased through the charade of a fair contest. Gove also being groomed to carry out yet another violent, nasty stabbing to secure a place in Cabinet. A fall guy to buy off the public just as Bliar used Lord of The Pies to further the facade of being on the side of the working classes.

As Camoron posed and preened over a Chilcot presentation to the House Of Saud Commons, he spoke that ridiculous and meaningless crap about learning lessons. As he mouthed these weasley and so worn platitudes he knew full well he is heavily involved in a huge effort to deceive and dupe us all. Exactly as Bliar, Hoon of  hoons and that little turd, Jack Straw over Iraq. The latter now sitting back as his devil's spawn takes over Jack's mantle of mediocre scheming and putrid behaviour.

As his mouth opens and closes and he postures before the cameras, Camoron shows a smug arrogance that his now underway with plots to place his favourite MILF in Number 10. The might of Government abuse of power in the referendum, £9 million quids worth of care for the elderly pissed up the wall of his vanity and a less than subtle campaign of fear, one still in full flow, all now turned on a fresh faced people's champion.

All the venom of these so disappointed remain lot now being spat out once more. A poisonous use of derogatory language very much in vogue. Populist, racist, ignorant and xenophobic but a small selection of linguistic spite claimed by so many now stained with the kind of political supremacy which allowed Bliar to defecate on us all. 

Libya the choice of Camoron. All pure selfish efforts to claim a greatness not a patch on the humblest of troops or the most dedicated of coal miners and trawlermen. There can be little doubt that our joy at voting to quit the EUSSR would be short lived. As each hour passes in the Sky and BBC blanket coverage of Chilcot the "lessons" to be learnt ar already consigned to that long grass farmed for decades by the faceless scum in the corridors of Whitehall.

Corridors undoubtedly manned by legions of secretive emissaries from Brussels and Berlin all "advising" on the dirtiest tactics they can dream up to deny any real Brexit ever happening. All probably with access to Camoron and May 24/7. Judging by May's sleepiness in Parliament today. See what I mean about those "lessons". The only studying they all do is that necessary in making sure they are never on any losing side.

So watch carefully tomorrow as Gove is eased past Andrea Leadsom. Then capitulate on some already agreed pathetic excuse. We may see May ordering new soft furnishings as soon as Friday morning. Either that or a run off with Gove as whipping boy and knife wielding criminal.

I was, so far, wrong about the referendum result. I still think it was a much larger majority than shown. If I'm wrong about tomorrow's Tory theatrical presentation then fair enough. Sadly, if Andrea was to be runner up to May, I dread to think of the manner she will be vilified and by the subsequent bile she will face in he campaign to follow. Gove will deserve all he gets for his turncoat treachery. Mrs Leadsom most surely not.

Lessons to be learnt will be ours to suffer. Write after me "I must not challenge The Establishment or else be made to suffer". Sharia law will see to that thanks to Mrs May. That or the ECHR will get you under the next Prime Minister.

Still, on the bright side, she'll work hand in glove with the Mayor of London to further her popularity. What more could we possibly want?


  1. " ... she'll work hand in glove with the Mayor of London to further ..." the Reglion of Peace.

    Watch the Old Bailey be turned into the biggest mosque in Londonstan. As Sharia law forces out our centuries proven Common Laws. May is just another quisling like the one leaving Number 10 only with-out the cojones.

  2. Yes i too expect it will be Sharia May for PM.
    Though none too sure that Gove actually backstabbed Johnson, i tend to the feeling they have done things like this for a reason, keeping Johnson's powder dry for the future.
    A future when (hopefully) every one of the 17 million of us who voted out elect UKIP at the coming general election.

    We are living through history here, Tories must be wondering what the hell to do, early election with Labour in disarray and most of us 17 million seeing the same operation fear intensified, would an early election see UKIP replace the now utterly destroyed and replace continually discredited Labour with 17 million patriots discovering finally they do not have a single friend in Westminster.

    Or would a 2020 election be a better gamble for the tories, Sharia May at the helm, by then the true purpose of operation fear obvious to all...would Johnson make his move then...too late anyway as we'd be past the 2017 deadline and might well be stuck in the EU for ever or until we as a nation grow the full sets previous generations had when dealing with dictatorships.

    In the meantime i wonder what our present day Churchill like Nigel Farage will be up to.
    He's no fool, he might not be everyone's cup of tea, he isn't out of the game yet.

    In a way i hope May does win, it proves to anyone who thinks for themselves that nothing has changed, one Blair clone replaced by another Blairite in drag.


  3. Blair has this stunning ability to avoid prison.