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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

ISIS And The EU.

A Foreseeable Inevitability.

As I write this post I have Owen Smith in the background. A better dressed, Mandleson like puppet mouthing on about a second referendum. What a dismal, prize Cnut. Another moron from the rump of Labour career politicians. Very much in the mould of the EUSSR traitors to European history. Only plus is he's probably worse a Labour leader than Corbyn.

However instead of wasting time on this Dinosaur, another childish, petulant socialist, let us consider the EU he wishes to chain us all back to. As our UK media fools struggle to avoid any criticism of the barbaric, ignorant scum now rampaging through the EUSSR, the wretched creation of this ever growing hell of a construct continues.

Over decades the secretive plans have been concocted to enslave the white Europeans under a ghastly flag of convenience and seek to change the face of our society into an image of the disastrous multicultural and also decaying United States. The big and stupid awfulness of this enterprise is now emerging.

The consequences of dismantling border controls and calling to the disadvantaged and wartorn masses, bullied and bombed by a joint EU/UK/USA interventionist greed and bloodlust, are now showing all around us. The promises of streets paved with gold and lifestyles of opulent ease found not only wanting but virtually non existent. 

Integration is one of the favoured words of our political establishments. As much a nonsensical dream as everything else done in the name of a Federal, power to the few, experiment now drenched in blood and broken beyond repair. Free movement the vehicle on which the murderous Islamic, brutal ideology has gleefully leapt on board. 

As for the arrogance still strutted on our behalf, by the idiots in power, I shudder at the continual mass, collective foolish responses to the state we are now stuck in. As ISIS continue to stroll into our midst and piggyback on the masses deserting their lands in the Middle East the blind three monkeys' approach of Merkel, Hollande and Obummer continues.

Take their alliances and hypocrisy. Once Saddam and Iraq were our pals holding Iranian ambitions at bay. Then Bliar led them all to become friends with Gaddafi and seek financial gain from that rapprochement. Assad was once welcomed regularly to Buck House and London. 

Then flirtations, for whatever unpleasant nastiness and greed, were stalled. Saddam overthrown and Iraq turned into a violent, internecine tribal morass and stomping ground for medieval bloodlust of ghastly proportions.  

The House of Saud, armed to the teeth by the Western bloodsuckers of the arms trade, so determined to subjugate Iran, set up a proxy tribe of savages in the form of first Al Qaeda then a natural progression to even greater brutal savagery in the form of the head choppers of ISIS. Iraq soon followed into chaos by Libya. Another Nation handed carelessly to the hordes of terrorists only too thrilled to fill the boots left behind by the murder of Gaddafi. 

As if this were not enough pathetic, hubristic, childish lack of any intelligent thought, the blind madness illustrated by repeating incessantly the same mistakes, our cretinous crowd turned on Assad and the once stable Syria. Another proxy State ripe for Saudi manipulation.

So now we came to the beginning of the whirlwind growing steadily into a storm of violence blowing through our near Continent. Sadly we are powerless as the platitudinous Establishment react with the identical bland incompetence reflected in the financial crash of 2007/8. The sacrifice of hard won savers and citizens of Europe and the UK were then stitched up to save the bankers and politicians nefarious wealth.  

Now blind adherence to a darkly compromised ideology of "free movement", "open borders" and just to compound the utter awfulness of these pathetic actions, the blind obeisance to an Islamic dominated mass immigration, is all shattering our lives as so many of us have predicted it would. The scale of the self inflicted, deep wounds are so phenomenal as to look to be without any solution bar ever greater conflict and "rivers of blood". 

When I am forced to watch helplessly as the flailing Establishment try to suppress the nature of our terrible state and encourage their tame, bought and paid for media, to fool us all into toeing the official, desperate lines of appeasement, I see the fires blazing getting ever closer. 

When I am forced to watch as that spiteful, borderline racist in The White House, saunters and swaggers, with quiet superiority and smiles at his fellow Islamists' takeover of centuries of hard won civilised societies, now led by icing sugar coated cupcakes, I am despairing. Then have to suffer the utterances of Hollande and Merkel whilst their fools in Brussels declare open borders sacrosanct.

Where the drawbridge needs raising these clowns fill in the moat and dump any safeguards. When the might and power of a potential ally in this war is available our idiots not only shun Russia and Putin but declare another all but cold war. 

On and on the flatulence is expelled. Words endlessly mouthed day in day out. Exponentially proportional to lack of any meaningful action. Where draconian punishments are called for we get weak human rights, cow towing and political correctness used as paper tissue shields against forces only interested in fear and cruel violence. 

Many of these in our midst using their perceived hardships and unexpected deprivation as some kind of badge of resentment to hide their racist envy and impatient covetousness. Ill equipped intellects recruited by our Establishment to destroy any adhesion of society once held. A return to centuries ago, just as devolution has done to the UK's identity. Divide and conquer strategies now nought but a brutalisation of all that was once good.

It is history we need to turn to before it's too late, if not already. Some form of National Service involving discipline and education that matters. A means whereby young men and women can be shown the world, Islam or any other misguided philosophy is no excuse for brutal savagery. Our laws must be enforced properly and money spent on incarceration that is to be feared. Not relished as proving grounds for criminals and murderers of any race or creed.

Immigration must be curtailed dramatically. The need for refugees to wander the Globe addressed firmly. An alliance with Russia and China to abolish the UN and put a force together no one would dare question for fear of annihilation. The seeds of such a power present in Syria, by invitation, in Putin's case, by the current President but devalued by the petulance of America and their sycophants in Europe.

There are other potential allies against IS. The Kurds in particular. However once more the total inability to choose friends wisely by our ridiculous Establishment leaves them indifferent, in the main, to the options available. They would rather fellate, especially Merkel, Erdogan. A despot in the image of Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler. A genocidal tyrant permitted total free rein in Turkey. Yet adored by our bunch and worshipped, as ordered, by the BBC. Indeed an overhaul of our media would not go amiss there.

If you need any understanding of the West's political lack of any intelligence, collectively or individually, find me one who is prepared to condemn Erdogan, seek advice and alliance with Putin and declare political correctness a weapon that aids our enemies. I cannot, sadly, think of one. Unless Trump were to win power, of course. I once felt no way would the Establishment let that happen. Just as I felt Brexit would not be allowed to win the referendum. Time will tell.


  1. Alliance with Putin. Hmmm, the Donald appears to be thinking along those lines just now regarding the emails.

  2. Great post O.R.,America, or at least those who are controlling America are the problem. If Mr.Trump wins it may be the turning point back to sanity. Problem there is he has never put a time scale on his visions, I've no doubt he can deliver if given the opportunity but a dummed down nation will be wanting instant "sweeties" when it could take a generation to pull themselves out of the mire.

  3. A message to America........
    In future why not buy all your military equipment from Russia.
    It's better, it's cheaper, and it actually works, it does what it says on the can.
    Bonus !! It will save you money and destroy the military industrial cancer which is one of your biggest problems.