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Monday, 25 July 2016

Brexit? What Brexit.

Will It Really Happen?

As the forces of Islam slowly and fatally wind up to a crescendo across Europe, I fear for the UK Establishment's behaviour as to Brexit. As Mrs May, to her credit, showed hints of revulsion at meeting Martin Kneecaps, I am at a loss as to the real talks being held across her travels to all and sundry. I am still unable to shrug off the EUSSR's way of patiently and secretly doing business.

Virtually every minute of 24/7 media including, just now, comments such as "in the event of Brexit" and constant manipulation of terrorist reporting carries on the drip, drip of propaganda. The migrant crises barely mentioned. The conviction of child gang rapes by the seedy, ugly perpetrators but a throwaway few lines. Murdering, barbaric killing sprees dismissed as a handful of nutters as if the pain, anguish and bereavement involved is somehow a price to be paid for the open door policies of welcome for the blatant invaders.

The aftershock of Brexit now fading and the scheming well underway to, by whatever means, overturn the result of the referendum. It is beginning to look as though the Brexiteers appointed to Office are to be denied any publicity. I hope I'm wrong but the omens are not good.

One glaring factor is any attempt to take the step the democratic vote required and invoke Article 50. We are given soothing words and platitudes as to why this will not happen. Yet if we were to do it before the end of this year and circa six months after the ballot, a nice Christmas present, we would still be looking at two and a half years post the voters wishes were expressed.

Indeed it has already been suggested this weekend that prevarication is the weapon of choice to force a General Election as another EUSSR vote. Mrs May to say "I shall campaign to remain in the EU after this GE, since the concessions and reform gained since the Brexit vote in 2016 make the decision, by the majority then, redundant". Between now and then ratchet up or even create economic pain and hardship to lay at the leave door.

The rest of the Parliamentary jobsworth MPs, together with the threatened MEP crew and Civil Service will pile in, as they did just a few short weeks since. If, a big if, UKIP still have a presence, they will so marginalised and vilified as to wreck any groundswell they could muster.

I hope I'm wrong. Not least as the political correctness now about to beatify Islamic terrorism across our near Continent and in these Islands. The Martin Kneecaps and Gerry  "Mother's Life Stealer" Adams gross elevation to power become the template for surrender to Islamic State dominance. 

As it all unfolds the core motivation behind the barbaric evil is ignored. The clash of cultures and the medieval, ill educated mass migration fall out, in racist resentment and covetousness these immigrant ghettos spawn, is ignored. Not least because this is all glaring stupidity and manufactured, political social engineering, to pursue globalisation. The nightmare unfolding blamed purely on those who scream "The emperors have no clothes". They certainly do not.

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