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Friday, 15 July 2016

As Ye Sow

So Shall Ye Reap.

Remember this snippet coming to light? Add the decades European politicians have offered their colonial nations and thereafter the rest of the World, the welcome mat, to change irrevocably the make up of our Countries throughout Europe and the seeds of the present hectares of rotten crops are now visible for us all to despair over. Once healthy crops marred only by small but containable thistles of criminality and the odd political extremists are now barely visible.

The present alacrity of media support in failing those who have tried in vain to warn of the dangers Establishment policy, led by the weirdos like Peter Mandleson among many other such ghastly and gross architects of the violent chaos now in our midst in unimaginable legions, is in itself an abdication of responsible reporting and journalism. Merkel and Hollande still untouchable standard bearers for the continued Schengen tattered but still operating sieve for exploitation of terrorists.

The continual meme that expressions of concern for these policies are nought but racist and xenophobic even extreme right wing attitudes to be scorned and sneered at goes on. Not once do these fools stop to consider the efficacy of the cries for a more sensible approach. Just look at the USA. A Nation created from genocidal barbarity against the native peoples. One forged on the backs of slaves and racially forced variable migrants.

There we have centuries of multicultural fashioning still steeped in violence on both sides of that divide. "White" and "Coloured" diversities stuck in ghetto and partitioned States and cities. Miami more South American and Spanish speaking than English/American tones and hues. If it has never worked in the US who decided it would be ticketyboo for Europe?

Politicians and corporations in the main. Growth seen as easily achieved through the swelling of demand via rapid population growth. The burdens on infrastructure, health services and common sense sacrificed to the short term hubris expected from a seemingly endless "no more boom and bust" boasted of by the last Labour certified lunatic at the helm.

Naturally the horrific consequences of this dreadful social engineering is still unacknowledged. Our MSM as much to blame for the nightmares unfolding with their liberal presentations of these barbaric and ignorant savages welcomed into our homes. Without a more strict and draconian clampdown on those caught, a more severe qualification for entry and access to our prosperity, such as it is, the atrocities will just increase until the violent retaliation necessary will plunge us all into the Mad Max world of savagery intended by the Islamists.

Let us be in no doubt as to what is happening. it is racism at its worst. Not religion but a covetous desperation born in the despotic centres of their origin. Somalia in Africa and those countries destabilised by the grotesque interventions in the Middle east. Particularly Iraq and Libya. Matters which despite the ridiculous "lessons will be learnt" led to the effort to replicate the horror in Ukraine and Syria. Two failed campaigns traduced by Putin. A man isolated by Obama, Camoron and the EUSSR cretins when he should be a staunch ally and teacher.

Every time our tame media hacks wax lyrical about all things Western Establishment we can rest assured something terrible is in the wind. As millions flee the bombs and sadistic retaliations of their own ilk our representatives wring their hands and somehow make us poor saps somehow feel guilty. If they get a teeny bit nervous then the kind of scaremongering used in the UK referendum pro this dystopian Europe is employed.

Woe betide the Marie Le Pens, Farages or Gert Wilders, who dare seek to represent real people's  genuine and proven anxieties as to what has been done to our once peaceful Nations and post war brief contentment. I suspect the model stitched together for Northern Ireland will slowly morph, via Sharia courts and positive discrimination, into a ruling class populated with retired sadistic killers such as Adams and Martin McGuinness. The irony of his crocodile tears shameless and gross.

I mourn not just the naked brutality of these racist inadequates of terror  but the collusion, even when unintended, of our own political classes borne from deliberate social diluting of proud history and civilisation. Part of the leave campaign's success was the anger at what an ever growing and undemocratic class has already foisted on us. An anger now exploited by the Islamists to foment a violent outburst by the now ever growing sense of alienation felt by so many. Brexit is a first step to curbing some of the likely consequences of a Continent poised to erupt like a long dormant volcano.

Can anyone see our appeasing, bleeding heart liberals happy to hate their fellows whilst quietly praising the so called disadvantaged and their armies of genocidal fanatics, likely to help stop this outrageous status? We see few of these leftie luvvies demonstrating on behalf of the Kurdish people. Nope more interested in slagging off the fears, mostly coming to fruition, of the invited enemies in our midst. 

Hollande and Merkel, with their whimpering mumbles of solidarity, cheerleaders for ineffectual weakness. Their hubris the very weaponry of the terrorists fully aware that they have no intent on cracking down on free movement and blind interventions. Time European nations took responsibility for closing borders and stopping this free for all laissez faire stupidity. Indeed the EUSSR needs dismantling. A massive< célèbre flawed in the amount of death and bloodshed consequences. 
inherit;"> Above all else toleration for these alien cultures needs inherit;">to be curbed dramatically. It is unwelcome and evil. We deserve a better harvest for our hitherto welcoming tolerance before it's too late and civil war begins. No discrimination should be acceptable including the oxymoron of "positive".

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