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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

These Are Fascinating Days.

With A Degree Of Orwellian Nastiness Coming Out.

I left the Conservative Party after 2010 over the side lining of members and constituency associations. A constant and unpleasant bullying behaviour seen in two GE campaigns and now this referendum. It was no surprise to hear a BBC reporter refer to the referendum as an election campaign. No doubt privy to the tactical briefings as a "guest" of Downing Street. It would appear Laura Kuenssberg might well have been there, too.

No doubt reserve fall back  options for any progress by the leave campaign were also trotted out. Not without a once bullied backbencher noticing, mind you. As for Google, try finding anything about Ipswich and that bullying bunch bussed in, no doubt paid by us, to disrupt Boris's and the leave momentum. That out of the anti-Trump movement employed by the Clinton mobsters from Goldman Sachs. Look how that's turning out!

 I suspect the Google bosses realised that. The Downing Street lot too blinkered to understand how their economic Armageddon warnings are backfiring. Long may the idiots cling to ignoring mass migration and overwhelmed public services. Just as they chose to in the GE and are now blindly following a strategy they never once thought would be successful other than damage limitation.

We can only hope that Gove's and Johnson's intellect and honesty will carry the day, with Farage doing the more unpleasant work in the trenches. A better option all round than the rubbish spouted by Mandleson. A guy either deliberately and nastily cunning when mixing up extradition with deportation or very thick. Could be both, of course.

As I titled this post, fascinating. For me there is only one decent side in all this. It's certainly not those using the underhand, EUSSR and Orwellian dictatorial nastiness.


  1. "Democracy" eu style

  2. So if your MEP doesn't have much of a say in the eu, who does?

  3. RandomAnonymousCrank9 June 2016 at 07:00

    The Pig Molester just isn't trying any more, his sleight of hand abandoned for brazen in your face foul play. The traitor to this country who had to be dragged kicking and screaming to a referenda, the Quisling who fights tooth and nail on the side of a totally non democratic eu has now extended the deadline for voter registration. So that every one can get a chance to vote, to make it more democratic ? Not on your nelly. This referendum has been in the offing for two G/E's past, anyone who isn't registered at this late stage of the game is most likely to be a disinterested political illiterate who will suck up all the remain hogwash or a youngster indoctrinated since birth having known no other and all of a sudden caught up in the hysteria. The Pig Molester knows this and under the cynical flag of giving every one the chance is twisting the rules.

  4. RandomAnonymousCrank9 June 2016 at 08:55

    Aha, a few days ago I predicted a last minute "road to Damascus"conversion ploy with Boris, (still hope I'm wrong about it in his case), but it's coming into play with a lessor cats paw, Sarah Wollaston.

    Yes please let's have a few more Quislings outing themselves.