Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Final Week Of Campaigning.

What A Start!

As the fishing flotilla of a broken but not yet defeated fishing industry sail up the Thames we have been drowned in any story imaginable to wash away the ever burgeoning support for leaving the EUSSR. If you don't know well the words in the clip above you need to do so. Prescient and could, in the main be being spoken this very day.

Yet Radio 4 and the rest of the shameful Establishment media push out a constant stream of bile filled hatred against what is looking ever more likely a majority of the electorate. The "remain" camp regaling us with endless, sycophantic gushing support over the fear we should embrace if we vote foe a democratic, accountable future as an independent Nation.

 I so longed for stirring, Dunkirk style footage of the disgraceful remnants of our fishing heritage flotilla bravely using their savings and fuel, time and last vestiges of strength and courage to sail down the Thames. A protest against the iron grip our Masters now have over their and our lives. An Establishment steeped in privilege bought from the sale of decency and clothed in disgraceful ermine. 

Especially the so called socialists preening and prancing. The Kinnocks, Brown, Blair, Mandleson, Prescott. A choir ringing the rafters of the Houses of Parliament, the song to the tune of the "Red Flag";
The working class can kiss my arse
I've got the foreman's job at last.
You can tell old Joe I'm off the dole
he can stick the red flag up 'is 'ole

Then raise the workers' bombs on high
Beneath the shroud we'll gladly die
Though all our public do shout "Balls!"
They'll be beneath it when it falls.

Corbyn, Darling, Balls et al shamefully side by side with the Berlin/Brussels mafia endorsed by a myriad of Establishment fat cats and many of our quisling Government scaremongering, arrogant, privileged excuses for representative servants of us all. 

I am loving the panic brought about by the very same pollsters they thought tucked away and behaving themselves after their drubbing just last year. I still fear the reality of postal fraud and manipulation, though. The scale of the "remain's" campaign paucity of any direction, skill or decency hints at a complacency borne of knowledge that no matter how large the majority to leave this unholy alliance of Federal vanity, they cannot lose this vote.

Why else is the scaremongering still persistently and ever more ludicrous, adhered to? Pensions to be frozen, income tax to rise and horror of horrors inheritance tax to be increased. As if millions of ordinary folk all can expect, under the rainbow coalition of fantasists the remain idiots are, to ever keep any savings, property or assets as a legacy.

Those with any such capability still face huge care home bills, despite empty promises by Osborne and Cameron and most ordinary people can expect their lives of servile drudgery to pay for the lavish privilege of others. That link dates back to 2008. 

We really do have one last chance to sink this already listing vessel and its motley crew of bejewelled and dictatorial despots. We may also consider the possible replacements for those happily lost if that ship meets its end. I still would be ecstatic if Brexit did win and the leave campaigners unite, as under Churchill in May 1940.

An alternative to that would be, under the draconian aftermath of a remain victory, at least a new political force to keep working for us, not themselves. Still we still have remain's big guns, or is that pea shooters, to come. Standby for a drunken rant from the most powerful piss head in Europe, Juncker. A Dreadnought broadside of whisky and schnapps reeking hot air. A veritable Hitler like telling off straight out of "Downfall".

I realise it is very, very serious. Like troops in the trenches a certain gallows like humour creeps into the more awful moments. As we watch Juncker discover somebody knows who he is!

Right enough lightheartedness. We are under a debauched, bloated, EUSSR dominated Establishment. One happily able to, without any conscience, allow their own to go unpunished and their crimes hidden. Note here one such matter. Also the BBC report "accused" the Telegraph "exposed". These personal crimes lost in a fog of expensive cover ups and a continued life of luxury and security. Wealth drained from us to fuel lifestyles we can only imagine.

I'd sooner pay Osborne's vindictive, brutal tax rises than be part of this degenerate, Sodom and Gomorrah elite. One so indifferent to the suffering of real people. Like those fishing boat crews being ignored this morning. A bloody disgrace but no more than we can expect from Murdoch and the BBC luvvies with so much to hide. Roll on a week tomorrow and the hope we, the people, all of us united, can change what otherwise is a bleak future modelled on the subjugation of the Greek people.


  1. Well said OR.

    If we oldies don't win this time, at least our children will have some idea of our arguments for the future - I get the feeling that they are going to need them.

  2. The nice thing about Osborne;s ludicrous threat of a punishment budget is the certainty that he's never get it through the House.

    ...and he knows it. He just thinks we're all bloody stupid!

    Sooner he's gone, the better. Win or lose on the 23rd Cameron and Osborne are finished and good riddance to bad rubbish!

  3. It may well be a bit rough for a while as things settle down, probably made deliberately worse by the remainers in power but it will come right in the end, and a short period of struggle is infinitely better serfdom under the eu.
    Several bonuses have already come about, many many people who generally have little interest in politics have been roused to thought. The brazen attitude of those in power both home grown and foreign who think we can be herded like sheep has been overplayed to comical extremes. The meddling of the U.S. with its devious globalist schemes is apparent for all to see. The Common Purpose fifth column in the civil service has blatantly exposed itself. It's apparent to anyone who's been following things that there needs to be a cull of those politicians and civil servants who have come to think that we carry out their wishes not they ours.

  4. One week's hard work to go. Then, if we Brexit, a hard week's work to prevent the Empire striking back. Then another. And another.

  5. "James Higham prevent the Empire striking" Most definitely, we will see it as a victory, they will see it as but a set back. The fifth column of globalist Quislings will still be in place, insidiously plotting, scheming, eating into our freedoms like the unseen woodworm in a much loved antique. One can hope that the UKIP party will become home to any salvageable honest MP's from the other bands of money grubbing prostitutes and become our major political force.

  6. You'll enjoy this...........