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Thursday, 9 June 2016

That Bloody £350 Million Argument.

A Figure Of No Real Point. It's Democracy, Stupid!

EU contribution per country

How much does your country contribute to the EU budget?

United Kingdom
11,341.6 M€
  • VAT based own resource
    2,932.9 M€

  • GNI based own resource
    14,524.6 M€

  • UK rebate
    -6,066.3 M€

  • Traditional Own Resources transferred to EU budget1
    2,730.7 M€

  • Payment for exceptions and corrections2
    -49.6 M€

2014 the UK contributed €11.34 billion to the EU budget (after a rebate of €6.07 billion) and also collected €3.64 billion in customs and farm trade duties on the EU's behalf, of which it retained 25%, as an administrative fee.


The above a statement dating back to 2014. Link to the EUSSR site here. We are also aware of the 2015 extra levy on our sinful activities. Now listen to this clap trap.

Then we read this, What a despicable action after listening to that video clip. This is the guy leading the EUSSR campaign. The guy tells you Turkey will never join before 3000 as he pays our money towards visa free travel as a precursor to membership right now!. The real, hidden plank of this "remain" slaves campaign is you really can fool all of the people all of the time. As he has over that levy.

Now look at the figure, gross, from the EUSSR's own documentation above. 17.41 billion euros is 13.669 billion pounds. Plus, remember that suddenly slapped on 1.7 billion Dave and George said they wouldn't pay. Total therefore 19.11 billion euros. Plus 2.9 billion VAT we have to pay. Huge numbers but let's say  23 billion euros as of 2014 VAT receipts. Now back to that chart above. Any rebate or money returned for farming or other such stuff is spent only for those things selected by Brussels and Berlin. Farming subsidies and so forth. So we would have dominion over this gross UK earnt tax revenue to spend as we chose.

So how are the leave figures not correct? Divide by 52 weeks, is  346 million and not the 350 million per week claimed by the leave campaign but bloody close. However the statistical tools used are so fraught with complexity the principle of this expense, not the petty use of it's full amount, should be irrelevant. The fact of the matter is this huge sum is not under our direct control. Add to this bill, of course, MEPs' expenses, Kinnocks pension costs and Mandleson's consultant fees and a myriad of knock on costs and that 350 million claim looks ever more too low. How many Civil Servants could we save without the need to serve Brussels needs?

So a remain vote will leave us at the mercy of soaring, punitive demands, not least in VAT. Cameron and his Civil Servants, or Labour next time around, will shrug and say it was a democratic referendum that leaves us powerless to oppose future diktat from Berlin/Brussels. Just as we forked out weakly that bill for prostitution and gambling. More mass immigration, NHS inability to cope and a future as bleak as any Mad Max scenario. Still, sheeples, prove the remain and big business bullies right, vote for more loss of freedom and watch all you ever held dear vanish before your eyes. As it is doing right now but even faster and more brutal. Six pence a week to buy your slavery is too much, let alone my figure of gross 288 million!

As a final thought, will Sky's Faisal Islam become head of EUSSR media control post this vote? Or will he face competition from Etchingham or Kuenssberg?


  1. RandomAnonymousCrank10 June 2016 at 08:24

    Do we as a nation have the power to remove those who make our laws.
    That is the one question.
    All else is just noise and distraction.

  2. And the 4 billion discrepancy you are talking about is easily changed one way or the other by fluctuation in exchange rates.

    It irritated the hell out of me last night how they banged on about the 350 on the side of the bus. As Boris explained, this is the amount we pay over without any control over how it's spent. Yes, we get some back, but the point is we have now control over how that is spent. The bus clearly says - 'What we send to the EU every week" which in my view is unambiguous if you can read and understand basic English!

    And Sturgeons claim that for every £1 we hand over we get £10 back was the most ludicrous claim I've heard so far from Remain...

  3. "Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for (X a thousand X) 66 years, men will still say, 'This was their finest hour."
    That just doesn't have the same ring to it. Are we going to let the thieves and traitors in Westminster waste the monumental struggle and sacrifices of our forbearer's.
    Immigrants you came to this country because for one reason or another it offered you better prospects but ask yourselves will the future Britain be the same one you put your hopes in ?
    Like Gulliver tied down by the Lilliputians the incremental erosion of our democracy is turning into an unelected dictatorship, each fine thread of eu law often unnoticed soon forgotten but in the whole binding us with the strength of a rope.