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Monday, 13 June 2016

So Remain Has Sacked Camoron And...............

Brought In The Failed Last Government!

Osborne also still pushing the Utopia of the EUSSR. Faisal Islam struggling to trot, tumescent handicapped, alongside Georgie. Quite disgusting. Mind you Osborne alongside a steam train appropriate. Full of hot air and calls the Turkey leaked info a "red herring". Blatant lies. As for chutzpah, Osborne then says Brexit would be for the rich and bad for the less well off. Like Carney at the Bank of England or that Spiv, Sugar I suppose!

Anyhow, the Guardian ICM poll, delayed several hours, has bad news for the relaunch crowd. Ironic this relaunch, so reminiscent of Nose Picking Brown's endless relaunches, all culminating in defeat. If this were an advertising campaign for a car, the factory would be on short time.

Also weird is the still endless mantra from the Labour lot that mass immigration is an irrelevance. If thrashed soundly, despite the vote rigging and fiddling of postal votes and their defeat last May, 2015 will they continue to insult us all?. Despite their own "defectors" such as Mann and Skinner . Despite the huge loss of voters to UKIP due to immigration fears, will they carry on inferring all who are sick with worry on the migrant issue are bigots?

So as we approach tomorrow, with just 9 days before we get our say at the ballot box, the six point lead today and the trending polls are quite different to the 2015 polling debacle when the vote was very tight. At the moment momentum is still growing for Brexit. The "remain" campaign is on the ropes, kicking and screaming under the onslaught of reality.

It will take an awful lot of believable good news to stop the growing majority for Brexit. Can anyone who reads my little blog see a change in the polls between now and the 23rd? Perhaps we may even see a widening gap in favour of Leave. 

The decision to stifle Camoron's involvement in favour of the likes of Gordo, Balls and Headstone Ed, is hilarious. Probably engineered by the creepy Mandleson. As likely to crash and burn like that other joke, Bliar! Mind you, I shall only believe it can happen if and when it does. A cash in hand, tax free payment of circa £5k per head of the population might do it. Funded via our rebate from Brussels. However, if, as I suspect, there is nearer 80 than 60 million now on these tiny Islands, that's 400 billion quid!

I'll close with this little gem. What the Establishment telling you cannot be allowed to vote leave really think of us all. As for the wriggling interview. To use a remain campaign reference I used recently, in a hole, still digging and then call in a JCB to help!



  1. A timely reminder of what Gordo really thinks of people who oppose uncontrolled immigration...

    Nice ne, Rightie!o

  2. This is about the best assessment I've read so far, if you've not seen it yet I recommend it, all except the very last paragraph which I cannot agree with.

  3. The Brown Clown galloping to the remain rescue like the 7th cavalry. Wikipedia has this to say about Gen. Custer.............

    "Custer and his regiment were defeated so decisively at the Little Bighorn that it has overshadowed all of his prior achievements."..........

    But don't worry Gordon your only achievement was stuck to the end of your finger.

    I think the time for a purge is due.

  5. Thanks for the comments and links guys. Just a week to go!Should I change my mind now Osborne threatens us even further? How is a 30 billion black hole suddenly appearing when we gain several hundred billion from our entry subs?