Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Rejoice Then Regroup.

A Battle Gloriously Won A War Still To Complete.

As the hours have passed since that wonderful Friday dawn, my joy has been contaminated by the vicious nastiness still pushed by the sour grapes of the BBC and Sky. The small time I was able to give to some of the coverage dismayed me. 17,410,742 are claimed as the winning number. A 4% winning margin which then morphed by the self important and entitled moronic auto cue readers into some kind of slender, unacceptable margin to be rerun.

Today one minor idiot smirked at the Sky cameras with undisguised, venomous delight at the currency and market turmoil. He salivated over the "I told you you'd be sorry" air of smug superiority. An attitude which crowed over their YouGov crystal ball exit poll seen as definitive as the shock poll in May's election 2016.

Now the egg is on Izzard's ugly mug and the huge panoply of kiddy play actors lining up to piss all over those desperate for freedom are obviously conspicuous by their visible apologies for their nasty indifference to we 17,410,742 voters whose crosses were too many to be erased in sufficient numbers. I really suspect some. Similarly those ghastly Huw Edwards and crony BBC know alls were just as slow to say sorry, we really did screw up with our blatant bias and misinformation propaganda.

Well we won. We may be bloodied and vilified, still loathed by those whose comfortable lives are now less privileged but we did and have taken control. For now. Camoron's cowardly resignation is welcome but self interested cowardice on a massive scale and not at all the decent thing to do. Certainly he will have known this act would force a big, albeit short term financial negative reaction.

Then comes forth, today, Osborne. Clinging stubbornly to the trappings of power and not at all contrite at the fearmongering bile and invective poured over all of us. Remain and leave voters alike. Indeed he personified for me the "business as usual" meme the Establishment will cling to for many months.

Yes, I hear the delight by the media crowd at the Labour hierarchy, Londinista mafia, no doubt orchestrated by Mandleson, attempted coup. As I am saying, more evidence as to the inability of the powerful but inadequate lot in Westminster. People enjoying luxury lifestyles whilst happy to see their job descriptions hijacked by the Rompuy-Juncker crew of failed and poor Napoleons. People shafting Corbyn with, note this, scant regard to the possibly deluded but democratic vote that put him as leader. 

That disregard mirroring the same shocked and disbelieving shrug over the referendum result. I give it two weeks tops before some strategy by the ugly Lammy's and Establishment lot, aided and abetted by the EUSSR despots, start to suggest a rerun on some gross pretext or other.

In this same mode, Hannan's suggestion that immigration will continue as before, Boris now seeming to row back and the whole edifice of a building despised by 17, 410, 742 suggested leave number, propped up by machinations for holding it up, despite the earthquake damage, is not nice to watch.

However, the 4% vote success is not the overall picture. The depth of hatred for the Establishment, be they faux, childish Labour kiddies or arrogant, bloated Tory bankers, is greater than this vote shows. Possibly large enough to press home the war for which this decisive, El Alamein like victory really is.

So for now I'm happy to buy some more popcorn and relax whilst the defeated but still very unpleasant media and their puppet masters run around trying to find  a way to bolster their now weakened buildings. Though a great victory, that war between the Global giants and we little, despised folk is far from over. The vile accusations of racism, bigotry and scurrilous propaganda ingrained in their grubby DNA can be beaten. The war can be won.


  1. The bbc are pushing the GE, 2nd referendum ploy very hard,the paper shufflers are going to swindle us if nothing is done to stop them. Could a 1.7M vote distributed round the country bring in a ukip majority in a GE that would be a slim hope.

  2. I suspect the patience of the real vote leave British people, a far greater number than the result allowed, will tolerate this pathetic attempt to re-run an EU machination. Not without a terrible and violent backlash.