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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Lest We Forget.

They Who Have Brought Us To The Unpleasantness.

On a day when the FTSE and pound make a good recovery, the dust begins to settle but the arguments and fallout of the referendum still rage, I feel exhausted. Mrs OR's open garden day for the NGS was a success though the weather was seemingly directed by the remain camp!

I am tired at the divisions within our Country and can say, as an Oldie, vilified by the younger children with little claim, other than age, to any maturity, I am fairly sure I could present an essay on where our once proud identity began to break down. The Common Market subterfuge as very much part of our slow decline.

If we then look hard at our political classes all hooked on big job offers in the EUSSR, as shown by the civil service's disgraceful weight thrown behind the remain cause. They, together with the way both Labour in Blair and Brown and their inner circles, Kinnock's greed and nepotism, Mandleson's very iffy business deals whilst an EUSSR Commissioner, all show how we as a Nation have been betrayed.

The Tory crew no better. Again self interest and power hungry wealth obsessed rich beyond measure people have abused and misused political office. Patten, Heseltine and now Cameron. All blind to the impact of creeping, stifling EUSSR federalism. Corporate banking nastiness in hock to drug cartels a disgrace.

So Brexit has been a big slap to this Establishment of deluded cartels. Not least for the unexpectedness of the result. One these people now stir up with anti democratic rhetoric at every turn. Our media awash with whining, whingeing and childish nastiness. Democracy regarded with contempt and aggression. People behaving as a rearguard force for the global dictatorship of American corporate desperate need to rule the Planet.

If you doubt how nasty this manufactured poison gas of global brain washing has become, just look at the footage of the EU joke Parliament behaviour today. The venom spat at Farage part of this ghastly cabal also part of the infection laying swathe to our Establishment. A "family" as Merkel put it but more Mafioso than Walton in this modern, selfish age. 

Then witness the in fighting of the laid waste, no longer cosy, divisions in both our two main political parties. Corbyn supported by the remnants of the socialist young cannon fodder. Most of them subsumed in the "new" Labour project, led by that mad despot Campbell. Another deluded architect of a political philosophy which helped, with its deceit, warmongering and pocket lining greed to preside over the deaths of hundreds of proud but conned patriots. 

All witness from the grave of Bliar and Campbell's lust for power at any price. Prescott, Kinnock, Brown and the rest all rich from years of destruction of our Country's economic wealth and more significantly, our decency and spirit. All of which led to two further neutral governments, happy to continue the divorce from its electorate and its democracy. The global, EUSSR the destination for the likes of Clegg and the Tory turncoats.

Then the rise of UKIP. The cosy club of a despicable, deceitful, Sir Humphrey cajoled, elite hardly noticing. A flick of a fly swat disdain. The arrogant slurs and name calling race card the actual implement wafted at the irritance. The casual denials of EUSSR federal ambition. Military and police forces already in construction.

Add all this to the cruel and casual brutality of Greek subjugation. The international support of the IMF and the blind three monkey attitude of the UN further shackles of freedom and democracy. You can measure the level of their success, until now, by their howls of disbelief and further demonstrations of their evil vilification of 17,410,742 people, at least. 

So as the Establishment that is Westminster prat about with their usual in fighting squabbles and vicious alliances, still, in their silly minds, business as usual, let us not forget all of us who voted leave lit a beacon. The flame must not be allowed to be extinguished. If we can, by decent debate and dignified persuasion add or find further numbers across the UK and Europe, then we must try. There must not be a new Tory leader/PM that is not wholly committed to the agenda set by the leave camp. Indeed I repeat my own expressed wish that a coalition to include people such as Gisela Stuart, Frank Field, Farage and others prepared to fulfil promises made.  

The spite that is manifest in the EUSSR gang prominent in the savage nastiness of Verhofstadt. Yet another who would relish in the enslavement of Europe. We must constantly be aware of this remain tendency to rage at a democratic vote not going their way. The war is far from won. A second referendum still whispered like a siren song from the mouths of harridans. Ken Clarke obviously a mealy mouthed flag bearer for a second referendum so beloved a tactic of despots.


  1. The essential thing is to keep Remainers out in the new cabinet but Boris is a deal,aker and appeaser.

  2. In the beginning I distrusted Boris then when we won the referendum I thought that I had misjudged him, now his foot dragging indecision points the other way. We need more people of Farage's quality in places where they can exert leverage.

  3. The result was great, at last the British lion awakened from a long slumber.

    However, project fear has intensified, and it will get worse.

    We might have voted out, whether we actually get out will be another thing entirely.

    The tories sewed the in/out campaigns up well, how surprising the tory leave group got the official out designation, now who could have expected that.
    Whichever side won they, the tories got it to themselves, i trust not one of them to do the right thing.

    If we don't get out, or as is more likely, get associate membership with free movement of people, then every one of these 17 million of us will have been betrayed once again.

    I pray those 17 million punish the tory and labour parties by voting UKIP to show their disgust if the betrayal is complete.

    I hope this post publishes ok, for some reason Rightie my PC hasn't let me post on your site for several months now, but after recruiting another anti virus the thing appears to be better, so here goes...



  4. Yes it worked, sorry to not have managed to comment for so long Rightie, haven't missed any of your posts mind, keep it up chap.

  5. Thank you all for the trouble of commenting. Though I blog as an outlet for anger and frustration it is still heartening to have support and followers.
    Judd, perhaps your bug infects many others who try to post here!!