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Friday, 10 June 2016

ITV Debate.

Angela Eagle's Summing Up.

I found the debate wonderful in the manner the "Macbeth trio" followed a pre-prepared script to go after Boris Johnson with a sneering, unpleasant vitriol. The whole spiteful screeching totally irrelevant to the referendum and our future as an independent Nation. The mature, balanced presentation by the leave trio in marked contrast. One might ask how well we, as a Nation, might do with a coalition of such leave representatives people, much like that in the 1940s war years. We won that bitter conflict against Germany.

Certainly such a coalition to steer us through an increasing, subject to fraud not winning the day, possible victory for the leave campaign and a new era for Britain and independence. If this campaign goes on to produce such contrast between the two camps, one bent on spiteful, scaremongering nastiness the other on democratic freedom, the defeat of the Establishment and corporate funded despots and bankers might well come about.

I was not surprised at the lack of media comment on the debate since their favoured, mogul backed remain fools were so poor. On a similar note, the woolly Wollaston defection, singing loudly to the Camoron EUSSR anthem, was trumpeted to the skies yesterday. Mann and Skinner hardly mentioned today. The Beast of Bolsover possibly the largest remaining high profile working class MP left ought have been a huge story. Instead barely mentioned.

So it goes on. The remain camp limping around with all of their feet victim to self inflicted gun shot wounds. Like these two pictured;

What a contrast to the Gisela Stuart approach. What an embarrassment to have these luvvies presenting your case. Still, the more the Frank Field, Gisela and Kate Hoey types begin to become the face of liberal decency there is hope for us all yet. As I mentioned earlier, a coalition of decency from all sides would get my vote. Even Bolsover might be OK!  
Whichever way the vote goes, still likely to be fixed on behalf of and by our true Government in Brussels and their handmaidens, Camoron and Georgie Boy, it is refreshing to witness how sometimes, as in World War 2, people can work together for the greater good.

I wont go on to mention the outrageous rubbish screamed out shrilly by the three disparate harridans of remain and their opening statements, "Double double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble". The rest is to be found here. A perfect summary of Downing Street's whole, failing campaign.

Angela Eagle apparently summed up the evening but for me she may well be saying it of the final outcome for this Establishment style of sewing. "That was a fucking disaster". I wonder if the Pink beret said as much later that evening?


  1. We seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet - or maybe we just read each others blogs ;-)

  2. RandomAnonymousCrank11 June 2016 at 09:46

    Threw out my TV many years ago, the general dross it purveyed was dangerously affecting my blood pressure, seems like I missed one of its lighter moments. Talking of lighter moments,there are delicious bonuses to chew over if we attain Brexit. All the Kinnock type parasites sucking on the eu tit will be awarded their DCM, and considering all the threats of “punishment” being brandished about I wonder if their eu pensions will disappear in a puff of smoke, I can but hope.

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  5. Of course it's safer to remain.............not