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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

It's NOT The Economy Stupid!

It's Uncontrolled, Reckless Mass Immigration.

My last post was one of some despair. I bemoaned the lack of passion in the "leave" campaign. The General Election like boring of the electorate to reduce interest and nurture apathy. Tactics running successfully, until yesterday, for the Establishment beneficiaries of all things pro corporate global greed for power.

Today I'm reminded of that famous political homily attributed to Harold Macmillan, "events dear boy, events". Rarely does the economy and people's sense of well being always hold sway above all else. World War Two showed that in many ways. 

Yet it is conceivable the Camoron's Downing Street apparatchiks and their obsessive crushes on the coveted EUSSR bureaucratic multi-million pound careers decided them to treat the referendum as a General Election. Thus the tactics believed to have won that last contest, indeed many before, chose the economy as the driving factor in garnering votes. Add to that the decades old suppression of all things "immigrant" and success looked guaranteed for the unholy "remain" alliances. 

Even the old footballs of ideology filled with the leftie windbag gases of NHS and Education, as the socialist bleeding heart ideology, was allowed to form debate devoid of any question as to the overwhelming inability to cope with the vast migrant hordes of mainly grasping youths. That and Labour's utter incompetence, PPI but one example, were allowed free reign and credibility even though spoken from a wasteland of a bankrupt economy.

However the mass, uncontrolled nightmare washing over every shore from Kent to Tripoli has shown the EUSSR for the impotent and glaringly pathetic ideology of the EUSSR. It's de facto President, Merkel, shown up for the lunatic ideologist she is. This woman now helpless in the face of her seemingly considered sacrifice to this debasing cultural breakdown. As for the German people themselves. Are the once proud Teutonic male descendants so weak and pathetic as to standby whilst their young women are allowed to become sex toys for the gratification of barbaric and gross men?

Indeed that question needs asking of every EUSSR member State and those others contaminated by the EU Federal ambition at all cost. These dreadful crimes swept under the carpet by a media every bit as corrupted and bought as any political or other corporate gangsters. Next time you are badgered to vote "remain" by SKY news think of this sweetner.

So back to events. I wonder if it is just possible this migrant question will be all consuming a factor to drive people to the "leave" option come what may? Certainly, unless the Establishment figurehead, for now at least, Camoron can black out the news coverage of migrant issues, it may be that such events as those becoming hard to suppress Such as the Albanians and their traffickers dragged from the English Channel . Given our weakened and threatened Coastguard a "remain" will will really open the floodgates that last few inches.

Add to the immigration debacle, the rush, post the referendum into an EU army, police force and Federal dictatorship it may well be that it will take many more events to swing the vote. There again, maybe, just maybe, events will win the day. As I said a glimmer, if only that, of hope we may yet win this modern Battle of Britain. I just don't want to lose the pound!


  1. RandonAnonymousCrank2 June 2016 at 17:06
    "Top EU bosses have consistently warned Britain exiting the EU on June 23 could spark the entire break-up of the bloc."
    Well wouldn't that be the absolute perfect parting gift after all they've done for us. Come on England,pull the pin take em all with us.
    Seems like Mr. Farage likely got cheated on the G/E and might even get a second bite at the cherry,(hope he does), shows the amount of forward planning the Pig Molester put in though.

  2. RandomAnonymousCrank2 June 2016 at 18:36

    This guy should have been leading the brexit campaign, have a large brandy and enjoy.................

  3. I see immigration's working out well for Germany.........