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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Establishment Excrement.

Camoron, Duplicitous And Nasty Man.

I use this image as a way of showing the smirking, smug arrogance of our Dictators. All of them a cabal like no other in the history of the human race. So steeped in the global advance of their despicable, murdering regimes bound together by greed, power and cunning as to be unstoppable without an Armageddon. 

In many posts I have repeatedly said only China and Russia, oh the irony, can stop the corporate grip on global killing and genocide for their own self entitled sense of total power over others. When that grossly bewigged Kerry was reported today as saying Brexit will be easily put aside but I won't say just how, my heart sank.

I expected the plot would be a general Election then a new Government claim new "concessions" from the EUSSSR requiring another referendum. That then more carefully rigged than the more casual efforts last week. All of that likely to be irrelevant and unnecessary. The cat is truly out of the bag and the early dismay and panic of the Establishment gross manipulators now breathing a sigh of relief.

Probably some of the luke warm leave folk among those now beginning to devalue the result. The manufactured campaign to claim all kinds of horrors, racism and evil abroad. All because of a democratic vote which went the wrong way for the idiots devoid of a brain cell contaminated by any notion of freedom for all.

So why my despair and anger? I give you that excellent blogger The Slog. Watch the kids rejoice as the bars of soap are handed out. I used to wonder how mass murder and Nazi gas chambers rarely got any rebellion and people dug their own graves. Was it for fear of a more painful slaughter? Are the 16 million remain voters, those who actually exist, so blind as to open their arms to receive the bayonet. Happy to accept Hal AL bleeding to death than a more humane death?

Just watch as the furore of the wonderful referendum victory peters out and is quietly pushed into the background. All kinds of delays, just like the Chilcot nastiness, will be made and our brief, ecstatic sense of freedom overwhelmed by battalions of filibusters. Civil Service the storm troopers of prevarication and treachery equipped with this nuclear weapon to be detonated next spring.

When I said the referendum was a battle won I had no idea, albeit sixth sense, the war would be harder. Sure forewarned is forearmed but do we have a leader or figure mightier than this Establishment cunning? A leader with the guts and cojones to try and stop our enslavement? I can only think of one and he's a dead man walking. mark my words.

Still we now see why Camoron quit. First of all time wasting, secondly to avoid us knowing he had this, what he thought not to be required, bombshell soon to break. Just watch that witch Sturgeon and the rest of them go very quiet and sit back to watch and listen to the clock tick away our last hopes every second.


  1. Share your anger however see this on the slog, episode "FACT: If the UK doesn’t have a signed deal by April 2017, Brexit is in grave danger"and check out "hubertdesouthchurch
    June 29, 2016 at 1:37 pm" posting, don't know how gen it is but could be a get out of jail free card.

  2. ''Dead Man Walking''

    I share your fears, if this thoroughly decent man should meet with an 'accident' in the current battle for the nation's freedom where the hell are we.


  3. Oldrightie I too share your feeling of dread and forthcoming trickery by our political elites to shaft us mere proles over the referendum vote.

    The time wasting shenanigans of both our main politcal parties at the moment is only a taster of how they are going to keep themselves at the Westminster trough and on the EU gravy train. Whilst at the same time waving two fingers at us.

    Soon I think we maybe asked the question:"Would I be prepared to lay my life down to protect the result?"

    With a heavy heart but for my children, grand children's futures and for my country I think I would resolutely answer "Yes".

  4. Again my humble thanks for your kind comments. B Bill, we would not be the first or sadly the last to lay down our lives. Sadly we have that in common with Islamists.