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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Dull, Dismal And Dreadful.

The Television Referendum Coverage Awfulness.

I have been "treated" to a forfeit of Sunday morning referendum mostly "remain" hogwash. With absolutely no consideration as to the public's need to be properly given facts and decency.

The argument over the £350 million splashed across the "leave bus", when ever looks to be clarified, is heavily weighted against the factual basis for its claim. In essence we will have circa that amount to use by our elected future politicians. Remain and it will be increased dramatically within months. Together with Turkey's accession and our being forced, at great personal cost to us all, to adopt the euro.

However, over and above the media's obvious lean towards the riches their empires can garner in the EUSSR, both the corrupt and woeful BBC and the gross Murdoch Empire grasping crowd, the General Election flavour of particularly the remain camp is dispiriting. It is a media dictated environment divorced, as politics driven by the EUSSR Federal ambition always are, from the voters

In a Nation populated by an unknown number of adults and no idea how many ballot papers will be submitted, the range of opportunities to fix this ballot are many. Already it is identified that a published figure of 3500 papers have been sent to EU citizens not entitled to vote. What if a zero has been left off that figure?

As for the Electoral Commission, who appoints them and from where? Look at this lot and their bios and weep at the same old, same old, cretinous Establishment bottom feeders. At best they will be part time incompetents, at worst, like our  other Establishment window lickers, bought and paid for. We can be certain their presence will be unnecessary to ensure this ballot is not already rigged.

I would like somebody to bring all of these unspoken issues to the fore. However it's unlikely to happen. As with immigration and corruption, the euro issue and a whole litany of inconvenient facts will be unreported. Only when we are, post referendum, put back in our cells, might the truths be paraded tauntingly up and down the corridors of now Colditz like imprisonment. 

There's a lot of reasonable argument for us all out there. Sadly so few will be bothered and just allow the Establishment propaganda to hold sway. Most people will glaze over and shrug at the corruption and gross nastiness of the global, crooked Establishment. Unless a majority of huge proportions gets off their arses and make a bid for freedom.

Otherwise we can look forward to stuff like this;  

"A euro area treasury The Stability and Growth Pact remains the anchor for fiscal stability and confidence in the respect of our fiscal rules. In addition, a genuine Fiscal Union will require more joint decision-making on fiscal policy. This would not mean centralisation of all aspects of revenue and expenditure policy. Euro area Member States would continue to decide on taxation and the allocation of budgetary expenditures according to national preferences and political choices. However, as the euro area evolves towards a genuine EMU, some decisions will increasingly need to be made collectively while ensuring democratic accountability and legitimacy. A future euro area treasury could be the place for such collective decision-making."

This boring document  hides frightening ambition for the future of the EUSSR. All written with a faux sincerity hiding a terrible dictatorship of the present and the future. Once we have been coerced and forced to deliver a remain vote the drunk, Juncker, will seek to exact more than a kilo of flesh.

Tax numbers will be first out of the box, I suspect very quickly followed by the euro. Still we can be assured the Juncker led Commission will wine and dine very well once our subjugation is in the bag. I doubt David Cameron will care much. He doesn't appear to now so why then?


  1. RandomAnonymousCrank5 June 2016 at 16:06

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  2. Let's assume for now we're going to win this. The alternative is too terrible.