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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Cynical And Very EU.

Joan Of Arc Mk 2

I'm off to Church this morning shortly. A regular effort to think about all that Christianity teaches for good and decency and to rue my own, perhaps hypocritical character, at times. A ruefulness quickly ameliorated when I consider the barbarity and evil of many Islamist butchers.

On a similar vein I am also inclined to compare my now advanced age and experience of our western culture and its gross decline in a considered, albeit despairing, sense. Take this awful super state construct hurtling towards us and seemingly unstoppable. The tragedy of the Greek people, the false promises and enticements to millions of war torn victims of American and EUSSR draconian interventions. The tolerance of child rape and cultural use of women as chattels.

So much of the nastiness of other cultures now endemic across America and Europe. Our lords and masters secure in their bank vaults, their corridors of power and their gilded, at our expense, cages of privilege and power. Such might as to condone the murder of Gaddafi, ignore the Turkish/ISIS alliance and condone the abuse of innocents. Ignore the revelations of the many in their upper echelons who have happily indulged in child abuse. Cyril Smith and Clement Freud but two accepted perpetrators. As for Savile, nought but a deranged pimp for the Establishment faux luvvies and leftards.

The evil which is an accepted part of ruling the Planet and all its people is all pervasive. That we serfs are meant to genuflect as they pass by in a whirlwind of nastiness is a given. A media arm as powerful as any Panzer divisions of the past and led by the very ancestors of the last European conflict. Just that this present one is one of decades long, slow painful agony for we victims. The worse very much still to come but probably accelerated after next Thursday's fixed ballot.

So, as the now crippled campaign of the "leave" camp tiptoes back into play, rest assured that any criticism of the EUSSR and its pervasive, corrosive unpleasantness and the Islamification and subjugation of our history gains speed, will be considered somehow a slight to the new Joan of Arc.

The utter cynical opportunism of Camoron and the "remain" clowns in recalling Parliament to further destroy the momentum Leave were gaining is a disgrace. The daily awful violence now rife in all our towns and cities but as nothing when placed alongside a new, fresh, as yet to be fashioned front of reason. One to be used, as in her tragic death, as a poster for the seemingly all encompassing perfection of a very nasty reality.

I would mention that Saint Joan was knowingly a part of an Establishment campaign hardly interested in any decent debate or preparedness to listen to the valid arguments against a super state no one has ever voted for. The personal attacks launched against Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Farage, horrendous bullying. Egged on by the vast machine of the EUSSR, Goebbels like machine and its hateful civil servants. 

I always doubted we, the oppressed and disdained would be able to win this referendum. As Baroness Ashton's, aka Kellner, hubbie's YouGov, seek to sow, with some success, demoralisation, via dubious polling and the media go into expensively manipulated overdrive, what chance had we to gain a democratic victory?

I do have one crumb of comfort, however. Somebody pointed out that the future draconian taxation and blatant, no longer needed to be disguised or stealth ridden, flood of power unlimited washes over us, we can say it wasn't down to us. As our bank accounts are made available to Germany (Brussels), our pension funds and incomes under the control of the Super State and we descend into a forced giving up of any semblance of control, as has Greece, it wasn't down to us.

As our once beloved Sterling is confiscated and the worthless euro introduced at a favourable exchange for Germany and its need to fund Turkey's accession  and devalued rate to we in Britain, or whatever new name we have to accept, it won't be down to we leave supporters. As our Government turns a blind eye to the daily atrocities we suffer right now, their abject acceptance, for personal ill gotten wealth, of any nastiness, mass immigration quotas or poverty won't have been those of crying in the wilderness to come.

So my friends and those passing by, sit back and watch the unedifying use of Ms Arc's sad murder at the hands of a mentally ill and uncared for victim of our useless care services and their "ring back tomorrow" , baby P approach. Watch as our campaign for freedom is hijacked by that arrogant Toynbee, safe behind her hypocrisy as so many of our Establishment are. 

Relax as the scorn already perpetrated against all who yearn for that old style democracy, whereby we could once have a say in fair and open electoral debate. One thing I promise, we will not be allowed the luxury to mourn freedom's passing and grieve for what might have been. Unlike the present mega theatrical and rather unseemly grief fest now in full flow we are but millions of cannon fodder.

As a finale to this post, let me show you one of the real faces of this EUSSR Establishment. Trust me there are many, many thousands more.

Together with people against whom he railed at and the EUSSR have trampled over. With help from our Government subservient lackeys.


  1. After the RN I did a spell of fishing, inshore boats then the deep sea trawlers, which in my area have gone now, that gobshite poseur you show makes me sick.

  2. Still 8 votes for leave from my family OR.

  3. This is worth passing on

  4. Saint Joan???
    Shurely you mean Saint Jo?

    The exploitation of Jo Cox' death has been quite sickening!