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Friday, 17 June 2016

An Evil Establishment.

An Elite Devoid Of Any Shame.

This, in my own mind, is the hardest post I have ever approached or contemplated. I shall not bore any reader with why I feel this way. Suffice to say the title, picture and atmosphere throughout the media, MSM and that used by we little people known, rather unpleasantly, as social media, are all part of the sickening anger and despair I feel over the murder of an MP.

How quickly we forget how history has taught us that, when democracy is usurped, the dark, nasty side of human nature takes over. The rise of the Nazi Party, the horrors of Pol Pot in Cambodia to name but two such examples of the horrors that can so quickly bring about murder on a horrific, state funded killing spree.

So to our modern day elite and Establishment. Despite the daily outpourings of how well off we all are the lies are peddled shamelessly as many of us watch helplessly our concerns for this Country's savage descent into a multi cultural nightmare glossed over and indeed, if we show anxiety, we are vilified by those in authority. 

The daily suppression of sex crimes against children, at hitherto, pre mass immigration, minor levels, is gross. Slavery and FMG rife and unchallenged by any convictions we ever hear about. Thousands of immigrants living in abject poverty inhabiting garden sheds and tumbled down, condemned buildings or worse still streets and doorways. Miles and miles of no go areas in our towns and cities for police and those of us with centuries of peaceful coexistence.

These realities go unresearched or delved into by media. We do get some attention paid to the overwhelmed NHS, schools and crumbling transport systems and roads. Billions being thrown at this EU vanity project of high speed rail from Inverness down to Ankara. All whilst care for the elderly is left to people running dubious care homes. Fraudsters allowed to steal the savings and hard earnt efforts of the weakest and most vulnerable. All done by people who seriously believe they will never get old.

Then we should look hard at some of the global issues our Establishment readily sign up to regardless of any wishes expressed by the people they are meant to represent. The Iraq war, gross, bloody interventionism in Libya and the destabilisation of the whole of the Middle East. The quietly accepted brutality of the Saudis and Islamic treatment of women and homosexuals. The failed hubris of the EUSSR meddling in Ukraine.

The list is endless. Complicit collusion in torture with the Americans. Another shameful act for which not one politician bears scrutiny in America or the UK.  I am at a loss to cover the scale of our Western political failures since the second world war. Yet another example of our elite failing to learn from the horrors of the first world war. That latter death on an industrial level waged by an Establishment at odds with itself and little more, in the beginning, than a family spat.

So to this awful murder yesterday. In the middle of a possible revolution via the ballot box, rather than physical violence, we were witnessing those anxious for an overthrow of the burgeoning dictatorship once more infecting the European Continent, being vilified by drug addicted, drunk, ageing "celebrities" such as Geldof and Izzard. 

Inadequates pushed forward by an Establishment led by virtually all of the Members of Parliament. Their Civil Service only too pleased to further the disgraceful "remain" scaremongering tactics. Add to this disgraceful failure the funding with our own money, laundered through Brussels and the might of self interested global influences, from Obama to Junker and our freedom, already heavily compromised, is set to be totally lost.

Thus, as our yearning for independence from the New World order of unsavoury alliances, which include drug lords and banking oligarchs such as Goldman Sachs plus those ghastly cretins in Brussels, this tragedy explodes like manna from Heaven for the Establishment. Before this young woman's blood had dried they went into crazed, shouting, obscene and ill informed accusations against the millions daring to consider voting to escape their clutches.

The BBC, along with Sky, gave full voice to the clamour to claim this murder was the work of a Brexit  motivated, cool calm assassin. That last word even used by that woman Merkel. Another powerful piece of auto suggestion. Neil Coyle preening and salivating over the PR opportunity. Yvette Cooper another shameful opportunist. All of them, together with their bought and paid for BBC sycophants and Murdoch's thespians masquerading as news presenters on Sky, gushing with hardly concealed moral superiority.

How these Toynbee like infected fools can so easily forget the quiet and respectful demeanour of Boris Johnson when confronted by their Macbeth trio of venom spitting harridans or Michael Gove's similar and upbeat messages alongside Cameron's scare tactics is a disgrace. In 24 hours we have been regaled with a barrage of blame and verbal abuse from the "In" crowd. Even the newly made widower embraced the meme that this was a "hate" crime by a Brexit supporter.

None of them showing any of the old, sophisticated reticence or patience until the truth be known, if ever, which once marked out most British people of my generation. One thing does appear to be true, however. The guy in question suffered from mental deficiency in some form or other. 

He may have suffered a breakdown or psychotic episode. So those quick to pour scorn and vitriol on his head are showing their own nastiness in the face of a human being possibly more to be pitied than blamed. That these people are fully in tune with their masters in Brussels, such as this monster comes as little surprise.

I am very saddened by this senseless tragedy, most people with any decency have to be. Yet every day virtually we hear of violence, child abuse and murders. There was a man killed in a Cleveland mine also in these past few  hours, too. It is a surprise that's not been laid at Nigel Farage's or Brexit's door.

In summary, I hope the utterances of the "Remain" camp do not go unnoticed and the "Leave" vote and cry for freedom is even greater than otherwise might have been. Those clamouring to stay in this club are baying for their own self interests. Those desperate to leave are sticking their necks out. Their careers will be over if they fall to the might of a manipulated, rigged ballot. 

Despite the supposed campaign interval, ask yourself who are most still screaming out their twisted logic to hasten our subservience to yet another European dictatorship and occupation. Feel a dignified sadness for the tragedy of yesterday but still fight for your last chance of real freedom. Fight to give this unacceptable, failed and greedy Establishment and its global reach a good kicking. Metaphorically for now. 

Rest assured if we are consumed by their next stage of dominance and fail next Thursday, we shall see an acceleration of our enslavement. The euro embraced and our taxes hiked from Brussels. It's VAT they take from us for now. It'll be direct tax deduction next. Inevitably and eventually with democracy dead we will,  or our children and grandchildren, have only one last recourse. To repeat the history of the French Republic to wrest power from an elite. 


  1. Well said Sir.

  2. Here is another PCR interview this one covers the international implications of Brexit and predicts our loss of our currency should we lose.

  3. A complete economic collapse might do it, it has happened before. Unluckily, not being able to feed ourselves or export much because of loss of manufacturing etc and with financial services down the pan most of us will starve. But that has happened before as well.