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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Yet Another Step Towards Oblivion.

How Gross And Awful.

I present to you two faces of modern Britain. I choose these two women out of a plethora of media promoted minorities. It gets ever more impossible to realise that their nastiness and racist inferiority complexes are aimed at the overwhelming, for the time being, white, endemic majority of this soon to be gone Nation.

As the London Mayoral Office is handed, with a degree of arrogant aplomb by Camoron's indifference to his candidate, to a Muslim we can but watch the salivating media and luvvie left as their goal of rubbing middle class noses in multiculturalism becomes triumphant. That 90% of the world's terrorism is Islamic and barbaric matters not.

If you feel that is a bit strong, take a long hard look at Turkey and Erdogan. The EUSSR's, Camoron's and the saintly left's media moguls' favourite despot and genocidal slaughterer of Kurds. Shrug at the horrific halal butchery, often used against those people not favouring their ghastly nature. 

Centuries of the white races struggle against the uncivilised dictatorship and violent doctrines of Muslim races have been consigned to a byline of casual accusations of racism, to silence criticism and justifiable fear of the savagery dragging us all back to the middle ages.

What is wrong with us? Why this seeming collusion to destroy the white races? Why this genuflection and worship of people represented by those ugly, spiteful women above? Why this powerful demand from our Establishment to ditch all that we once held dear? Why would you wish to rub noses in the dirt belonging to a once tolerant, slavery abolishing and healthily evolved Nation?

I despair of this whole, dreadful global mess our so called leaders have created. Democracy now deemed an expendable luxury in pursuit of a terrifying caliphate, happy to destroy all it regards as inconvenient. This notwithstanding these same people teach us to hate all things Russian or Putin. I guess their white credentials are seen as abhorrent when placed alongside the more acceptable darker skin variety.

As for my fellow Brits. Where are they in all this? Kids drinking and snorting themselves into oblivion their only ambition. The unkempt, unwashed, feckless, STD ridden plonkers staggering their way to a middle aged, benefit reliant, existence, as their Muslim counterparts race swiftly past them to hoover up any aspirational livings left available. All of this presided over by a leftie, luvvie, student based, flirtatious bunch of gullible fools. Kids force fed and happily swallowing the left's mantra that we're all somehow equal. As if.

How is it these misguided, ill educated innocents never question the likes of Bliar? Fail to vilify the likes of the Saudis and happily throw away centuries of hard won freedoms and once burgeoning equality of opportunity? We have a Nation, soon to be consumed by an undemocratic, totalitarian EUSSR for which these dumb, unquestioning electoral fodder will vote for.

I used to despair at my older counterparts when they would comment how "thank God I'll not be around to witness the future". I'm not of this mind, at least not yet. I'm buoyed up by my own achievements, educated sense of decency and awareness of trying hard not to cause harm to others. 

However millions of Germans thought like me, when suffering the aftermath of the first world war. Eventually a figure rose to power on which those downtrodden, ignored sensitivities could find a brutal solace. It may well be that the stealthy, secretive EUSSR  consider their evolving, Muslim dominated military and riot police forces will be in place to suppress violent reactions to the horrors of the future.

Nevertheless, the Mad Max scenario of an overcrowded World of competing to survive humanity does not seem to occupy the avaricious, power hungry elites. Chief among them the pursuers of that abhorrent Islamic butchery of all "infidels". The day may well arrive when, as today millions are seeking instant economic benefit in the West, by force if necessary, so millions might flee East to Russia to seek sanctuary under, ironically, a once communist regime of oppression.

Of course there could also be a rude awakening for those engineers at the heart of this lurch to an Islamic Empire in Europe. Brexit. Sadly I doubt we have sufficient folk of intelligence and foresight, such as existed before the second world war and the few years after. Since the late 1960s the left have conspired to dumb down to a minus level it's once proud citizenry. Boy have we lost that hard won peace post WW2.


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