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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Tiresome Seeming Inevitability.

Thanks To Underhand, Immoral Lying And Manipulation.

I am not for one moment surprised at the underhand, expensive misuse of our taxes to fund the "Remain" campaign. The lies, half truths and misrepresentation fully endorsed and pushed by our disgusting, self interested tame media. Note the statements emanating from EUSSR propaganda office of "Screw The Brits". This but one tiny example of the Ministry for obfuscation and their gross dictatorship of fact.

However the real numbers are glossed over, as we see in this report. Strange this titbit has got publicity. The overwhelming failure of the EUSSR and Camoron's part in the Middle East disaster ignored. As are the glaringly obvious demands on our schools, hospitals and GP services. All sacrificed on the altar of "economics" through growth manipulated of population via mass immigration.

There is so much that is frightening about this EUSSR and our own politicians slavish loyalty to all things not British. The EU Army exercises hushed up. As we note here. The agenda sucked up by the "Boy" to vilify Putin and Russia. All at Obummer's behest. Despite the anger of those most hurt by sanctions. The truth really is out there! Fallon, the ignoramus, boasts no sanctions without the EUSSR. As if that's a bad thing. Without the puppet of the USA corporate scum there would be a more peaceful Ukraine and trade with Russia. Probably no unelected EUSSR, either.

Still the reasons to leave are legion. There's the rub. Day after day the drip, drip of almost unchallenged garbage falls like water torture on our faces and in our ears. My great disappointment is the lack of passion and verve from the Brexiteers. If you told me Boris was a plant to stave off Farage like fervour to highlight the grossness of this EU dictatorship I think I might buy into that.

Farage made this referendum  possible. His dogged but passionate belief in the awfulness of an unelected bunch of cretinous, failed bureaucrats fattening their undeserved wealth a disgrace. Love him or loathe him, like Trump, he believes totally in his cause. That of freedom and democracy. Is not the side lining of Farage and UKIP in itself cause for WTF?

One thing is for certain. The dull and stifling tactics the corporate led crooks of the establishment are using are tried and tested. Bore everyone into submission. Tell them, after their long journeys across Europe, they are to be treated to refreshing showers of enlightenment and accommodated in luxury for ever. The poisonous gassing of any future for democratic accountability kept until the first choking, fatal reality kicks in. Unfortunately too late as those fools going meekly into those "shower" cubicles watch their children suffer the inevitable, claustrophobic consequences of suffocation by decree.

Pol Pot would have been proud to be known as a European. Especially if he was a President. All so similar to that done to the Cambodian people but now sold as way to go. All without an outcry. Just the mumblings of a cowardly, liberal and nonsensical attitude utterly devoid of an consideration of human nature. 


  1. RandomAnonymousCrank25 May 2016 at 17:47

    And if you thought it couldn't get worse, .............

    I too have misgivings about Boris, I wouldn't be surprised if at the last moment he had a road to Damascus experience and chopped the legs out from under us, hope I'm wrong.
    Utterly sick of the boy buggering corporation, seems the morning and one o'clock news (r4) every day manage to dredge up some one, any one to make a pronouncement against brexit, it's announced as the first item in sober serious tone then any rebuttal is always announced in a truncated and frivolous manner, drip drip drip day after day.

  2. The remainiacs, (nice one from a Raedwald blot commenter) are NOT the British Government. Every single department and civil servant are EUSSR arse lickers to a man and woman. The Eton ghastly duo are the hit squad for their Mafioso mates in Berlin and Brussels.

  3. RandomAnonymousCrank29 May 2016 at 21:40

    The eu up to its nefarious tricks again, setting us up for some more coercive control after the referendum but only if the vote goes the wrong way.

  4. Soon be over one way or the other.