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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Dictatorship Is Well Advanced.

Postal Vote The Weapon Of Choice.

Austria's weird discrepancy is but par for the EUSSR. The photograph above a chilling sign of things to come. No doubt "observers" will quietly pass on any danger sniffed out that a ballot might not be going the Commission's way. Surely it is fair to ask how circa 700,000 plus postal votes were at such a large variance from the ballots cast by some 4.5 million.

My next thought is does Camoron the Traitor and his hug a banker hourly mate, Osborne know the procedures in place to ensure the "correct" result? Is Goldman-Sachs the safe depository client for the already secretly stored boxes primed to mysteriously arrive, in the nick of time, if the vote looks too close for comfort? Given the readiness to print billions of worthless euro banknotes and pounds for that matter, would it be so surprising?

Given the unrest in France, the antipathy in Holland and the poverty stricken Southern, downtrodden Greeks and bank account theft victims in Cyprus, this awful dictatorship that is the EUSSR is an already floundering, American registered Titanic. Ghastly interventions in the likes of Ukraine, as proxy front men for American corporations, the ridiculous nose cutting off shown by American demanded sanctions against Russia are but two nonsensical ventures blighting our lives and the those of the poorer third world.

The EUSSR needs dismantling before even more harm is done. Trouble is, as the ship sinks, the rats wearing self interested expressions will also cause great damage as they gnaw their way back via some other scam or nastiness. However, if against all odds Brexit were to win, the fear factor would be lessened.

Yet a "remain" victory will leave us all very exposed to the vindictiveness we have just this past few days been witness to. When this is the tone employed by so called friends and allies of your own governing class and weakling of a PM we should be very afraid. That Cameron and his quisling band of "remainers" have failed to condemn this outrageous bully is a disgrace. 

I see total credibility, by our playground kids of media delinquency, is back on the agenda for breathless credulity to be given to opinion polls. All naturally as fair, unbiased and accurate beyond measure. Note this quote and link from just a year ago!

"The polls were wrong because the polling industry collectively and deliberately and cynically manipulated its own findings. In other words, the pollsters lied to us all."

Read this piece carefully and you can detect an underlying hint of how the EUSSR treats polling of all kinds. As a tool and weapon for their own purposes. They do have form. Still any Dictatorship prepared to support Erdogan's genocide against the Kurdish people would consider ballot rigging small change. Some stench when the BBC have a look at an uncomfortable truth.

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