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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

That Army Will Be Used To Crush Future EUSSR Dissent.

How Much More Warning Do People Need?

Note Merkel's badge.

This EUSSR army ambition gathers pace after many years of planning for this eventual creation of an army without National allegiances. The push by the USA and EUSSR playmakers to have Turkey on board is but one example of how this Army will be made up.

Add the dreadful "Gestapo" element, in the form of this other shadowy creation, and instrument for suppression of any dissent, the manner the EUSSR and their USA masters and arms suppliers are looking for a global dictatorship looks ever more likely. No conspiracy theories, no more effort to keep it quiet, this evidence is overwhelming that any future uprising will be brutally quelled. Squashed by legions of in all but name, mercenaries.

A further stirring of this unholy pot of nastiness and corporate/banking supremacy and loss of any semblance of freedom, is the American led vilification of Russia. Not for any genuine fear of any aggression but fear of commercial competition. Not least in the arms trade. 

Close scrutiny of our geo-political world of today tells us quite clearly where the real meddling originates. Together with the subsequent damage to the world's economies and infrastructure, it is glaringly obvious who are the most culpable villains in the mess we are now in. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine are all awash with blood and continuing barbaric violence.

It seems almost deliberate that these conflicts have been designed to force millions to become Nomadic in the direction of the West. Certainly the consequences of this mass migration handily dilutes otherwise successful Nations and makes their absorption into the demise of those peoples and societies ever easier for the likes of Merkel and her cohorts in Brussels.

So in order to continue the cunning long game of dictatorship through stealth, the gradual creation of this EUSSR armed forces and riot police is essential when, if ever, those oppressed realise what has happened. We shall be right back in a Europe, including the now tamed Anglo-Saxons, governed by an occupying force. As then, so in the near future, a force led by Germany.

June the 23rd is every bit a Battle of Britain. A leave victory, as in 1940, would be a big step towards freeing the rest of Europe. With this army in the wings and Turkey primed to dominate those battalions, it really is a last chance for a free, liberated, decent Europe. The alternative will be a new mass building programme across the Continent. Massive concentration camps dwarfing the earlier efforts by Germany.

These protests will become a thing of the past. Even this very moment they have not been seen on any UK TV.

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