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Monday, 2 May 2016

So The EUSSR Is Ablaze, Rape An Epidemic And It's A Bank Holiday.

Who Cares?

Even though the rubbish who pretend intellectual analysis in our Western media do their Master's' bidding and keep the nightmares unfolding throughout the EUSSR Continent, it must be getting ever more difficult to stay stumm.

Yet the present unrest and growing nastiness goes unchecked and unremarked. However this collusion of silence will be at odds with the noise to come if we vote to remain in this ghastly, federal evolving, dictatorship. An EUSSR army, police forces made up of non-nationals drawn from Turkey and Kosovo. All Muslim and all happy to suppress the indigenous uprisings. 

As for the economics. Redistribution of wealth on a grand scale, from those who dared dissent, like the UK, to those toeing the line in the poorer countries bribed on board with others' hard earned wealth. Already the next tranche of bribe money is in the pipeline to yet again bail out Greece. A bailout for the bankers and politicians, of course. The little people can go hang. 

Soon the Greek "problem" will be handed to Turkey as a present for joining. Just wait and see. I say again, if you think leaving scary, just wait and see what "remain" will bring down on us. Not least the loss of the pound at an exceptional low level.

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