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Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Moron Doesn't Get Close To Describing This Character.

Rekindling past flings?

Today the Mail led with a story surrounding this ghastly, disappointing PM. A worthy successor to Heath, for sure. As with that ghastly, Civil Service controlled, gross Ted Heath and the "common market", lies and blatant fraud, back in the back in the 1970s, now being peddled by the self interest of Cameron and his dreadful cronies.

I felt physically sick at that pathetic hasbeen, Ed Testicles, paraded alongside that other traitor, Osborne, yesterday. Osborne, yet another willing slave to the Civil Service tricks and subtle dishonesty. The resurrected stealth tax via council pocket picking of home owners, to fund the millions pouring into Britain, unchecked, one example of the newly regurgitated Bliar and Brown deceitful, grubby years in Office.

Like that period of blighted Blighty, so to the shameless actions and behaviour of today. Camoron is sold, hook, line and sinker to the USA scary, corporate Axis powers of globalism, reliant on an EUSSR led by Hitler's descendents. Boris was spot on here. The once considered alliance of the USA with Nazi Germany, not least their major companies, has form and history. Nothing should get in the way of wealth and power in the hands of a few elite and chosen, gross families.

It matters not the suffering caused to billions across the planet. Camoron is but a small player, like Bliar, bought and sold on a whim. Their selfish, grasping idiocy and shamelessness exploited by gangsters, despots and American led arms dealers. All of them happy to foment, intervene and force their will on all they can.

We see the slow, deliberate but totally unnecessary expansion of NATO forces Eastwards in Europe and Westwards across the Pacific. A huge increase in sabre rattling and a need to resurrect new cold wars to garner evermore  shameless expenditure on weaponry and armageddon fearmongering for the profit of a few.

These very same people hold untold power over the pygmies such as Camoron. Promises of club membership and riches on a par with Bliar and Slotty Cherie. Two ambassadors used as poster kinder to entice their successors.

The success of these nasty tactics are all around us and trumpeted to the skies by the "remain" crowd of self interest cabals. That leaked letter today from a Soames cretin happily ensconced in a business, Serco, rescued from financial ruin with billions of Government contracts. Of course totally devoid of any link to the upper echelons of those ranks robbing us blind. No doubt the rescue package will be very rewarding.  

So stop just one moment and ask yourself serious questions. Who benefits from the millions of cheap workers across Europe? Who can afford to pay for private schools, medical services and gated houses? Who gets the fall out of overpopulation, failing, stressed beyond breaking point, NHS, Education and police services? Furthermore who bears the brunt of paying for Greek bailouts,   via IMF club fees, poverty stricken outposts of Eastern Europe and the barren landscapes in Turkey?

In reality we do not need this global reach of crooks and chancers,  evermore powerful, as their grip tightens on us all. It is a nightmare trumpeted by the paid weaklings such as Cameron. A man very comfortable with his lies and rounds of whistle top tours meant to fool us all he has our interests at heart. He is little more than a smug, spoilt, cunning traitor to human decency. A small man given a large pair of boots to stomp about looking macho for as long as Merkel thinks he's of use. 

For Heaven's sake, Ed Balls and Gordon Nose-picker drafted in. Bliar briefly promoted until the venom and resentment became too much to see him as of any propaganda use. One thing I am certain of, however. Regardless of the referendum result, probably already rigged, anyway, Camoron's destruction of Libya will pale into insignificance alongside his devious manipulation of this vote. 

He will continue as heir to Bliar in the vilification to follow his departure from High Office. Camoron's vast wealth, just like Bliar and Mandleson or even the Kinnocks, will be poor compensation for the justifiable hatred these shameless people are destined to hold until their dying days. Especially if a President Trump gets to out their dirty, hidden little secrets. Today's leak discussed but a minor bit of such nastiness.


  1. RandomAnonymousCrank17 May 2016 at 13:13

    Yes and whilst he was huffing and puffing about being ready to exit if he couldn't get a good deal he was plotting with his big business buddies to plant scare stories, the two faced bar steward.

    To remain
    Is insane
    Great again

  2. RandomAnonymousCrank17 May 2016 at 13:37

    btw did you know there is a "Britain stronger in europe" advert on your site, I've reported it as inappropriate several times but it returns when the page is reloaded, coincidence or is it a wind up.

  3. RandomAnonymousCrank17 May 2016 at 14:58

    That advert really annoyed me so I did a little experiment.I shut down the windows machine and started my fall back machine which uses the onion router (fake ip,Iceland in this case), went on OR's site and no sign of the offending advert,or in fact any advert. Swapped back over to the windows machine and lo and behold the "Britains stronger in europe" advert is back. Now call me paranoid but it appears to me that the P.M. (pig molester) has got google targeted adverts batting for him.

  4. What I find strange is that he is beginning to look like the cartoons of him. Perhaps that is all he really is, an apparition with no real purpose.

  5. RAC, I don't see that gross advert but if your suspicions are true it would just be par for the course. Since we have just come through the latest tax year demands I have had cause to us the Government Gateway rubbish site. Bold as brass they promote the referendum remain agenda. Impartiality and democracy ground under the boot. A Civil Service eying up million pounds a year EUSSR sinecures for the favoured apparatchiks.

  6. RandomAnonymousCrank18 May 2016 at 23:10

    It's still there, but those with NoScript on their browser can block it by marking as untrusted.

  7. I did read it all but the word Heath made me feel sick and the rogue's parade which followed made it worse. How appalling they are/were.

  8. I saw that pro EU ad pop up but I decided the word which jumped out at me the most was LEAVE.

  9. RandomAnonymousCrank20 May 2016 at 21:10

    Not seen this anywhere else and it is unsourced, any one seen this story elswhere............

  10. If Liz does choose to flee do you think Putin will be more hospitable than we were to the Tzars? I do consider Russia a likely better Country than the EUSSR will be.