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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Poor And Unpleasant Campaign.

Just Like Every Establishment Stitch Up Election For Decades.  

In virtually all my posts statements have been linked to internet sites for corroboration or indication as to why my thinking has been what it has. More difficult has always been the emotional, gut feeling which drives my antipathy towards the smug, powerful establishments headquartered in the US and Wall Street. People, banks and political hangars on, Barry and Hattie Clinton  to name just two. So today I shall put my own thoughts together and any readers can decide whether they carry any weight or not.

So to the week just past. The pathetic UK media, with the odd welcome but rare decent insight, is an utter disgrace in its heavy, untruthful and slavish support of the "remain" gang. The lack of genuine, punchy and factual understandings go unmentioned. Not least Murdoch's billions awarded for franchise rights on pan EUSSR wide television pay deals.

We are harangued by a Canadian multi millionaire, highly paid employee of George Osborne. A man on a weekly income the equivalent of a medium size manufacturer's total employee workforce wage bill. He is rapidly followed by Legarde, erstwhile President of the awful, meddling and dubious IMF. As for any utterances by the "leave" representatives, they get an immediate and oh so predictable ire of faux morality stances. 

The most blatant of these pathetic responses is that old but deeply serious matter of immigration. As soon as this highly visible destruction and insatiable demand on our infrastructure is raised it is stamped on. That duplicitous occupier of Downing Street, shameless in exploiting the migrant controls issue, to get elected, now lost in a fog of uselessness and powerlessness and sucking up to the EUSSR to ensure this problem gets ever more demanding. 

Not least from the soon to be granted accession to the club of Turkey and Kosovo. Millions to be given free access to our infrastructure yet quietly allowed to go unmentioned in this ever more manipulated, one sided, fraudulent, tax payer funded litany of propaganda. The whole matter constantly going round and round a witch's cauldron bubbling with backhanders, greasy eu notes and grubby leaves of promises of personal wealth to all those happy to plug the depths of this ghastly potage of nastiness.

Other dark alliances are also quietly bubbling away, with little comment. Expensive dinners in London eateries catering only to those with a few grand to blow on a meal guaranteed to be kept very secret. One such face stuffing and smug, regular get together will be between Osborne and Mandleson. The latter a man so well protected his name is kept out of those headlines relating to Brazil street kids and Dunblane connections. No doubt Mandleson's background role in the referendum heavily financed by his cronies in Brussels.

Also kept relatively quiet is Cameron's lead role in fronting Barry Obummer's feud with Putin. Dark and nasty maneuvering to create an unnecessary new cold war or worst. For what? Purely to protect the American arms trade under big competitive pressure from an economic resurgent Russia.  As stupid a campaign as the post 9/11 and recent destabilisation of the Middle East. Particularly Iraq and Libya. Two actions with awful consequences. Not least for EUSSR immigration breakdown.

In all of this mess where are the sensible, hard hitting "leave" mantras? Why little real evidence of any heavy punches being landed on the weak and hypocritical "remain" crowd. Fronted by a self appointed Idi Amin like personality in Camoron. A man who really thinks himself untouchable after a narrow election victory won using the immigration fears he now chooses to ignore.

As with most of the general elections engineered on behalf of Bliar, opposition is emasculated with the same shadowy power brokers now operating for the Berlin-Brussels Axis. Ian Duncan-Smith mocked this morning by Andrew Neil. Seems the latter's been bought of, finally. Probably a hefty pay bonus to toe the line. 

Just as Bliar was kept on board with the promise of an historic first ever EUSSR Presidency. All of them too thick to realise that will be already be having German emblems made ready to adorn the trappings and the big Airbus One tail fin.

We saw all of this debilitating behaviour to suppress public feeling when Ireland voted on the euro introduction. Even when the vote went against the Establishment it was re-run with a predictable outcome. One likely to have come from a more efficient handling of the ballot boxes. Or the loss of registration lists in the London mayoral election. So strange that happened in a mass populated jewish area, wasn't it?

So there you have my Sunday rant.  In a nutshell, unless the "leave" lot can ignite some passion to vote against this stifling, utterly corrupt Federal Europe, we shall be done for. Unless the following list is used to the full, we shall be dumped as unwanted orphans as many children were in World War Two. The definitive reasons we should leave.

1. Mass immigration and all its consequences for the NHS, employment and school places. Housing, cultural differences and overcrowding of horrific proportions.

2. Border controls of a draconian nature for such time as it would take to get us back to a safe condition to deter terrorists.

3. Retain sole right over who we elect to govern. Stuff these high sounding words such as sovereignty. Beloved by the chatterati, as it seems to make them sound better educated and learned than they are. Ian Duncan-Smith did well when asked his thoughts on Major Underpants outpourings. "Rubbish".  More of that passion and simple language, please.

4. Drop the constant litanies of fact and counter fact. Go for the emotional arguments as above. Above all else appeal to the sense of Nationhood and independence and the freedoms that go with those. The EUSSR is adamant that they loathe democracy and accountability. They are already well ensconced as dictators. Boris was correct, a Hitler like mindset. Note the pretend gasp of incredulity when this truth was uttered. Don't aplogise, force home the comparison and hard.

5. No EU Army or Riot Police Battalions. No UK euro notes. Burn them the moment we vote leave or face the devaluation it will be if we "remain" and are fast tracked into that failed currency. Ask the Greek people about that. or those in Cyprus who had their bank accounts emptied.

6. Finally, "leave" folk. Grow some cajones and for f***s sake UNITE. You owe Farage and UKIP a great deal. Be grateful.

Have a nice day!


  1. Well said OR, totally agree. I don't care what in, out or shake it all about say, I've been waiting for this moment for years to vote to get out. And as for what Boris said, he's quite right, a lot of people have thought this, (and have been talking about it in private) but no one's had the guts to say it in public. Also, I have yet to meet a remainer, everyone I speak to have all been for out, polls rigged perhaps, as will possibly the vote count.

  2. Hear! Hear! Agree with all you have said. Cameron, Osborne, Hammond, Mandelson, Benn, Clarke, Heseltine are quislings!

  3. RandomAnonymousCrank16 May 2016 at 20:44

    The eu armed force has been in the offing for a while I think but wonder if the plan is being put into a slightly higher gear now if our unelected overlords are positioning themselves for a Trump presidential win and see a possible weakening of our ties to nato as a good excuse to further their plans.
    As regards the reporting of the pros and cons of Brexit the bbc have, from camerons view, certainly earned their TV tax, for myself I would like to see it made pay to view, those then who wished to watch blatant scaremongering propaganda could pay the full cost of it, whilst it lasted which without its enforced payments wouldn't be long, I would take great pleasure from watching it wither and die.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments. RAC, you and me both.