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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Dear God, Worth Re-visiting.

Reaping That Which Is Sown.

As we wake to yet another powerful demonstration by the religion of peace we must face the reality of the mess that is known as the EU. The pictures above, in my mind, show a line up of untouchable, present incumbent group of people the successors to a long line going back decades. A line of crop sowers and harvesters of terror.

Chief among this disparate, inadequate, power crazed covetous of others' lands, cabal is Merkel. A woman seemingly able to crack the whip at a moments notice and the rest fall in line. A line of gigantic combine harvesters ready to bundle up the next wave of mass migration and the substantial chaff of bombers and crazed, racist fanatics.

From 9/11, 7/7, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Paris and now Brussels, or even further back in time, Vietnam, America has promulgated intervention and meddling destabilisation of the human race, globally, for their own greed for a corporate state encompassing every human being in existence. War the vehicle to swell the coffers of bankrolled arms traders and manufacturers.

Now we are witnessing the consequences of this lust for power and total dominance in the mass migration engineered and embraced by the leaders of the subservient EU. The tenet of Islam for the identical goal of domination is but a violent consequence of not only fanatical self entitlement but of a deeply ingrained racism and envy. Not for these latter people of a powerful misogynistic bent the secretive destabilisation methods of the corporate owned CIA.

The Arab and other Muslim perpetrators of an evil, violent cult regard the West and its leaders as weak, easily controlled allies. With the shameful lack of security the infantile Schengen debacle has created we see but one example of our leaders' pathetic social engineering. That and a palpable stench of the rotten harvest their poor sowing of tainted, mildew seed has produced.

Cameron convenes that joke of a Cobra meeting. A piece of badly done theatre to give the appearance of action. It's success measured by the Brussels attacks today unhindered by the same meeting held after the atrocities in Paris. So much for our EU "remain" mutterings about being more secure in the EU than if we leave. I don't think so.

We are told that we're not part of Schengen. Not as signatories, sure but in essence every gross avenue in our ports with that ghastly blue emblem over its portals and the burqa wearing casual and cursory passport "border" agents, belie our exemption from the all and sundry granted EU rights. Rights which include the toing and froing of terrorists armed to the teeth or wrapped in layers of explosives under their billowing costumes and garb.

When our stupid, weak, meddling leaders lambaste Assad and Putin for their efforts to stamp out the violence and undemocratic Kalashnikov "ballot papers", we should note their resolve with more attention and care. Instead we arm and train, supply and nurture these wild animals in the belief we can control and tame them when we choose. Not going at all well, is it?

This loss of life today, in Brussels, is just a further atrocity to lay at the door of a political ambition failing by a huge magnitude of undemocratic, corporate and gangster driven mafia bureaucracy. The EUSSR a gigantic target for extremists who know instinctively the weakness of such disparate, rudderless Nations. Peoples shoehorned into an unwanted slipper of slavery and misrule. Yet if anyone thinks that even a brief glance of culpable regret will be visible, think again.

In this fantasy world of socialist wonderland, where all are equal and valued the terrorists are spoken of as wayward young folk for whom a little kindness, hospitality and imposed verbal  admonishments are more than equal to their lust for violent butchery, beggars belief. 

As every day passes, when hordes of displaced human misery, created by Western leaders grossly stupid inadequacies and slavish obedience to Mafia controlled bankers, continues to wash away the last vestiges of a once decent European culture and coexistence, we needs weep for the tragedies engulfing yet more families today and for the certain repetitions to come, as weep for the loss of our hard won victories against the Nazis. Needs weep for tears probably all we have left to give to the EUSSR. Our wealth, freedoms, democracies and accountability already locked securely away in the rewritten history we are now meant to acknowledge.

If this report is proven to be correct then it also bears witness to the crassness of the EUSSR machine. One with little better to do than brainwash and meddle with the wisdom of documented evidence of true history, whilst the bombs and bullets are gaining ever greater resonance. Add to that the stubborn, evil adherence to blatantly failed ideology by the self interest of ambitious bureaucrats and legacy hungry politicians, Obummer and Bliar but two, Cameron another, the recipe for a European wide conflagration continues to simmer.

Are there solutions? Yes. Hard, tough, uncompromising leadership. The dismantling of the EUSSR, the return of strictly controlled borders. A halt to all economic migration without control and the creation of space and infrastructure to cope with genuine refugees. After all, if we continue as we are then our children and grandchildren will be exposed to rampant violence from extremism identical to the Middle East. The same tribal warfare and racial dominance of centuries old feuds and war and migration now haunting the Middle East transposed into Europe to assuage the tumescent need of the likes of Merkel for power and gratification. Our legacy for generations to come will be to make refugees of our own races and nationalities.

Indeed, if we take a leaf out of Russia's book we can read how a National pride, harnessed by a strong leader, makes for a superior and better place to be secure. Sure that vast Nation bordering the East and the Islamic, third world mindset of many neighbours makes for as volatile a security scenario as any in Europe. However strict border controls help enormously to reduce the threats.

Unlike our idiots who are determined to hug suicide bombers via a deal with Turkey and Islam to import and give out the dwindling wealth and resources of their citizens. Naturally they only hug such extremists once they are certain their vests are defused. Those innocents not so lucky, a shrug of the shoulders. Collateral damage and vehicles for faux PR sympathy and noblesse oblige. Like Hollande. After the Paris murders, almost a daily ritual of pretend grief and zero admission of guilt.

Lessons to be learnt are there? Sure, how best to minimise bad press and obvious futility. How to keep this EU gravy train on course to the sunny uplands reserved only for the first class carriages commandeered from the rest of us. Whether further atrocities occur before the referendum or not I hope and pray that we British are able to overcome all the vote rigging, PR self funded grave digging pressures and get the hell out.

Thereafter crack down mightily on illegal migrants and deport any radicals set to change our lives even more. Capital punishment for treason to include the kind of butchery we now face. A powerful policy of integrate or leave. Our society has fought over centuries for what was once held dear. Time to fight again. Only this time the enemies within as well as without. Leaving the EU would be just a beginning. Don't hold your breath.

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