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Friday, 8 April 2016

Why The EUSSR Wants Your Money.

For Themselves.

As Cameron's wealthy life of privilege, courtesy of Dad's careful legacy planning, unravels, purely because of his pathetic , Cameron's that is, obfuscation, there is much to be considered. Not least is birthright to be considered unfair? Of course not. Is envy and jealousy an unpleasant part of human nature? Yes. Just two questions which are hanging in the air right now.

So where should the reasonable ire of the mass of people be placed as a reasonable feeling towards those who choose, of their own volition, to seek power and governance over us all? Well, the manner that power is exercised and the character of the individuals fortunate enough to gain power should always warrant total scrutiny. 

So surely it is reasonable for people to demand that those lucky in birth and privileged in wealth to at least seek a degree of humility when their connections and family wealth paves the way to power over others. It should also be reasonable for a Nation to expect their leaders to not add to their wealth on the back of those funding their lifestyles and Offices.

Naturally if these very subjects of this post look to devalue and suppress democracy via a federal EUSSR, answerable only to its own cosy club of bureaucrats and failed politicians , then such a political power base needs to be got rid off. Otherwise at some guaranteed point in the future those downtrodden populations will resort to violence.

Indeed, unreported in our tame media, Greece and France are rioting severely this very day. At least some mention here. As well as in this feature. It is glaringly obvious that, be it the migrant debacle or other signs of EU failure, the Brits are to be denied the publicity which might swing the Nation against this disgraceful and corrupt body.

So back to the character of those who are demanding our subjugation to the EU and acceptance of the loss of democracy. We all should be aware of the likes of Mandleson, the Kinnocks and the Bliars dynasties and their greed at our expense. Yet the squirrelling away of vast sums of money, hardly earnt, inherited or deserved but rather obtained from "service", has been exposed.

What is not debated, to date, is the way this money is extracted from the rest of us and our taxes. Vast sums then placed in tax havens through "legal" means established by earlier politicians and bureaucrats for that very purpose. Take some of the characters exposed in the Panama leaks, to date.

This link makes interesting reading. Note the similarity with Sepp Blatter's FIFA behaviour and corruption. The galling manner of self entitlement and complacent attitude, just as with Cameron, without any sense of the justifiable anger engendered by these activities.

Like Mandelson's past activities and still earning him millions , the Spanish EU energy Minister sought subsidies from which, quite likely, large sums were made available to invest in Panama like tax evasion avoidance havens. Then we must ask "where on earth did this Greek guy find $6.9 million of undeclared largess"? 

Then there's other folk mentioned. Poroshenko, the CIA's bestie in Ukraine comes up. Is that dosh from his toffee factory, High Office or the CIA? Whatever, these few are but the tip of the EUSSR iceberg of frozen corruption. If we want to stall or just discomfit these now regarded as normal goings on, we must leave this ghastly, cosy cartel. 

If not for ourselves then for those who died to defend our cultures and way of life and for our future generations' welfare and freedom. Tax avoidance schemes, the greed to rape public funds and the obsession with a global corporate world for the benefit of these gravy train crooks and duplicitous politicians are all heavily invested in a powerful, undemocratic EUSSR. 

If we allow these corrupt bullies and pamphleteers, at our expense, to rig and win this referendum, then perhaps our stupid acquiescence to their methodology and grasping legalities gets what it deserves. In essence there is only one single opportunity to actually do something to stop this awfulness, leave. Then demand no individual holding Public Office should benefit from offshore tax havens.

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