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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Who Really Rates This Mess?

The Usual Suspects, Of Course.

Surely this weirdo and narcissistic pillock can't be a member of Parliament? He sure is. Strutting his iffy stuff on "The Daily Politics" today with a self-entitled smugness, defying the awful nature of the real character shown up in less than pristine knickers above.

However, we must realise that the reality of a Europe ablaze must be getting harder for the MSM fools to ignore. The shape of the future EUSSR. Then we see the identical fomenting of unrest, as in Ukraine, breaking out in Macedonia. 

Then there is that ever present but now suppressed migrant issue. Those moronic fools crossing the Channel in a dinghy likely to be given yet more handouts to the detriment of more deserving citizens. We now have untold millions now in Europe with millions more on the way. 

Then Corbyn spouts up. Everything about the man slowly morphing into another Establishment clone. Declaring his love for all things minority. Slagging off employers. The very people creating jobs for the gross tide of human detritus washing up on our beaches. Prattled on about european reform, as if that can be done.

I caught some of Putin's phone in this morning. What stature and charisma as a leader. A man more than likely to herald in peace in Syria, yet treated as a Pariah by the clowns in the West. Just compare Cameron's failures whilst dragged along by America's corporate, interventionist economic warmongers. People horrified at the competition for world trade from The East.

Vlad has little truck with the mess in the EUSSR. Even so he is targeted for blame just about everywhere the American/EUSSR unholy alliance is found wanting. Seems these idiots really believe in their own deluded sense of superiority. Tell that to the floundering, poverty stricken Greeks.

Their lives hitched to a non-existent saviour. What an economic basket case. One we shall be herded into and asset stripped a few short months after a remain vote. Don't say we weren't warned.  Our accession accompanied by a gigantic burst of inflation and savings collapse even further than already. All to bail out this vanity project and destruction of true democracy and accountability.


  1. Be fair, he could have a double hernia, with any luck.

  2. RandomAnonymousCrank15 April 2016 at 20:30

    Thin end of the wedge, or our conditioning, I noted that every time the "moronic fools crossing the Channel in a dinghy" were mentioned on the bbc news they were referred to as migrants, the fact that they were intending to make an illegal entry into this country and were therefore illegal immigrants seems to stick in the establishments collective throat. On the same theme all the western backed head choppers in Syria who are unquestionably bloodthirsty terrorists are now described as militants.

  3. Not only illegal but will be rewarded handsomely for their criminal entry. We must be mad.