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Monday, 4 April 2016

Panama Now More Than A Canal.

As If We Didn't Know.

My blogging was brought about by a passionate belief that most human beings are victims of unfair, grasping and relatively fortunate individuals found at the head of the wealthy establishments which control our lives to their benefit. Political individuals bought and sold for fools gold. Issued with shorter spoons than advisable.

Corporate bankers in league with gangsters rich beyond imagination from arms deals, drugs and slavery. Even the UN aware of this behaviour. Yet the shrug of shoulders and "that's how things are" laissez faire reaction is nurtured by a compliant media happy to scrabble around for the crumbs their elite masters allow.

A further matter for thought is the manner our establishment has chosen to push a narrative linking Putin to the leaks now made. That despite no direct, familial connection to the degree Cameron's wealth has been underpinned through offshore privileged hoarding of wealth gained at the UK's expense. Add also the apparent larger than life guilt of America and the CIA's pal installed in Kiev.

That latter bloke in need of somewhere to park his bribes fees from corporate inducements to add another layer of State corruption to the already oversubscribed EUSSR. Don't say I haven't ever banged on about this connection. Still, just shrug and move on. No concern for we little folk.

Well, it is. Multicultural, mass and enforced immigration across Europe is part of diminishing and watering down democratic environments. Divide and conquer. Meanwhile accuse any competition, such as Russia and Putin of being somehow far worse than any father of a British Prime Minister and coincidently pro EUSSR.

As I post, SKY shiite folk are pushing the Putin element very, very hard. That thirty per cent of the top ten tax haven centres are in the Channel Islands goes unmentioned. UK second in haven status as a Nation. Quite a stench, is it not?

As for the consequences of this status. L0ok at our Country today. Hugely overpopulated, slum ridden and ever increasing poverty all around us. Practices such as female genital mutilation, drug wars and ever burgeoning, influential gangsters buying their way into the heart of our establishment. Not least the police services.

Note also little mention of EU apparatchiks. I would expect Mandleson to be deeply immersed somewhere in those documents, along with Blair and their ilk. One thing is certain, at least in my mind. The terrible state our inner cities are now brought to, out of control rape of children, drug taking and violence is a fact of life almost unheard of in Cameron's and others' Oxfordshire "havens" and Cotswold fortresses of privilege.

If a dent in this corrupt, global, Mafia controlled nightmare needs to be made, one such knock would be a rejection of that unpleasant cover and front for so much of all that is wrong, the EUSSR project. Without this the UK will get ever more ungovernable and undemocratic. Eventually giving rise to draconian crackdown, made with the help of foreign troops, already deployed in Greece and elsewhere.

BREXIT means freedom. Always something hard won with necessary hardship, sacrifice and much pain. Yet worth it if human dignity is to triumph.

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  1. It is, however, a very nice canal. I went through it in January...