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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Interesting Observation.

A Small Aside.

I look at my page view stats shows interesting variations in interest. By far the largest visits come from either heavy criticism of Establishment figures and the subject of mass immigration. Both matters reflected presently in the USA election campaign and all things EUSSR.

Marr this morning posed a fascinating stance to his guests that arguments for Brexit and other matters of interest to the people and their lives outside the EUSSR were of little matter! It is the Establishment who call the shots! Again reflected in my little place, here. Indeed to prove the point another guest, some little weasley French toad, Macron actually stated that Brexit would incur consequences. It came across as a veiled threat. Nice, eh?

More on the state of Europe shortly!! 

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  1. This is only the preliminary kick about. The real match is yet to start.