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Wednesday, 13 April 2016


International Money Frisking.

Yet another dubious and downright self interested piece of blatant propaganda by a well established bunch of crooks led by an expert in fiddling, allegedly. Here is a major reason why this woman and her hench persons are desperate not to see the UK regain its independence from their clutches.

Here's billions we've been arm twisted into losing to bail out the ever present  penury of the failed EUSSR money shortages. Money then used as a weapon to force Greece, Portugal and others to toe the line from Berlin. The relationship between the IMF and EUSSR is a disgrace. 

Meanwhile the dreadful rape epidemic goes unchecked in the UK and throughout Europe. Where will this all ever end? Will the eventual establishment of sharia law be the point the attacks cease? Or will that herald a new set of horrors for the many thousands of victims to face? This link suggesting where the future lies in this issue.

I'll close this short post with one last question. Would all the billions extracted from us by the IMF, to aid the euro-zone's disastrous economic and endless nightmare, be better spent on keeping our women and young girls safe?

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