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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

I Wonder How Many Of These.............

........Charity Bosses Have Offshore Tax Avoidance Accounts.

I suspect that there is a great deal more to be found in the Panama leak documents. Watching the hand wringing voice over adverts of the "give just three pounds a month" to join our mugs database marketing and bullying scams, I was minded as to the wealthy salaries of the fat cats lolling in the upper echelons of the aid industry and their corporate attitudes to extracting the meagre earnings of the global 99% of less well off than they.

There can be little doubt, surely, that giving is meant to be the requirement of those already heavily exploited by the elite rich and powerful. Sure Gates and others buck the trend but still are able to do so on the backs of the rest of us. Force fed the age of new, expensive, can't do without IT kit we once never thought would become a necessity of survival.

Some information can be found here. A fascinating take on those figures is that circa £150k plus is somehow somewhat parsimonious! That may well be the case when compared to the scary figures which can be discerned with the likes of the PM's dad's holdings. However it still ranks alongside the levels of income which attract interest in avoiding tax liability.

Also a level at which the Goldman Sachs clientele base deem a profitable group to be courted for their own harvesting techniques. In all of these corridors of wealth lined halls of plenty, the aforementioned will be of nought when pitched against the real fat cats. Arms dealers, drug barons and their bought and paid for political establishments.

I suspect just our own, UK based, mega rich scions could fund our aid budget. One  of which Cameron is happy to squander on many of the characters to be found alongside his own family trusts and holdings. Ergo, spend that money on doctors and nurses. Fat chance. Charity begins in some tax haven, not at home. The beneficiaries the poor, downtrodden bankers and CEOs forced to run these scams to keep their gin palaces afloat.

As for the legality of immorality, who gets to draft and bring in the various tax laws which keep the havens alive? Or is that a silly, ignorant question? Strangely a large number of the beneficiaries are the very same legislators and their legal teams. No doubt also in the remit of EUSSR Commissioners. 

So be careful when the suffering of others and God's creatures is paraded, angst ridden, before you. Give to freely and you might well end up ma victim of poverty yourself once they get their greedy hands into your purse or wallet. Give only of your own considered choosing. That "three pounds a month is purely bait for the gentle, kind but unwary".

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