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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Grasping, Dishonest,Privileged And Untouchable.

A King Amongst Hell's Representatives On Earth.

Both my post title and the accompanying image apply to most of the 1% who own the most wealth and thereby privilege and arrogance. However as time goes by current public incumbents and front men for the corporate and political gangsters of this same few human beings throw up the odd individual who stands out and even crows about their perceived superiority. 

Bliar was one such character. Many of his cohorts copied his example and duped millions. As did Heath when the last EUSSR pantomime referendum was held. Like back then, the lies of omission, failure to tell the truth of a federal motive behind the pathetic notion of a trading bloc and sheer duplicity runs this next referendum.

As we are coerced and brainwashed, frightened and duped yet again we will end up staying. Thereafter, as Cameron well knows, we will be trapped aboard the federalist juggernaut with little to stop the fourth Reich becoming fact. I suggest that the euro, once the federal trap is fully sprung will become the deutsche euro. Even if not in name, you can bet the offshore gang of tax avoiders will already be manoeuvering to ensure their ancestors provision for their lucky siblings are primed for maximum profit.

Let us understand one significant factor. These leaflets are linked to the Panama offshore holdings. The determination to force the issue to remain in the EUSSR dictatorship, for that is what it is, will be for pure greed. That we are paying to be given this propaganda is, as I keep saying, the equivalent of digging our own graves.

So, back to my initial paragraph. Cameron is showing his exceptionally tainted ambition. Democracy his whipping boy to be sacrificed to further global, undemocratic, greed ridden privilege and an insatiable arrogance to dominate and subjugate. 

That Russia and Putin, together with China, have a greater cause to stop this lust for Western elitism means that we have to suffer a constant, albeit weak, propaganda war to further the cause is ever more obvious. Not least the weakening sales figures for the American arms industry. Who needs a new arms race most?

As for Cameron's and the proxy EUSSR interventions on behalf of Obama, look at those successes. Libya, Iraq the most glaring failures. Afghanistan close behind. Where do we see one, legitimate, unfolding campaign? Syria. Led by whom? Putin, with gentle but important support from China.

It's highly unlikely a leave vote will triumph. However with the likes of Cameron at the helm of the remain cause, I suggest this weak, ineffectual beneficiary of legal but morally questionable wealth, is as good a reason as any to vote leave. Just imagine the look on his face were that to happen. His Bliar like belief he, Cameron, was to be lead contender for the first EUSSR jet to rival Air Force One, (Gestapo Phoenix more like).

In the post Federal Europe our Dave is more likely to be pushing the steps up to the aircraft door as Merkel emerges as head of a new Reich.

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