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Saturday, 30 April 2016

EUSSR Corruption.

EUSSR Accounts. Corrupt Now, Wait Until We're
 Trapped For Ever.

The EUSSR annual accounts' arguments. Recently the EUSSR decided their accounting practices were becoming rather a laughing stock. In order to nullify their nastiness and corruption we are treated, as ever, disdainfully by this rather unpleasant edict. The usual vague and technical waffle which stands little scrutiny.

Why is that? Look closely and read slowly.

 "The European Court of Auditors (ECA), an EU body set up to examine the accounts of the Union, signed off on the 2014 accounts as reliable—something it's done for every set of figures since 2007. But it did find that payments made were materially affected by error." 

So "signed off" despite the errors, by a body set up by themselves! Still, if you are the sole arbiters and rulers you can do anything you like. Now although we are wrapped up in our hard won tax income abused by these people, it will get a great deal worse when we are forced to join the euro. Since Cameron has said we never would then that's a virtual guarantee we shall.

Furthermore we will be hit with a massive devaluation avoided by the Establishment wealthy who will have avoided personal pension and assets in sterling losses, by a neat little preemptive switch to dollars.

I suspect the rape of sterling is already built in to the next bailout of Greece this time with our money. Without any doubt nothing about a "remain" victory will be of benefit to we, the people. Only the cronies and the traitors steeped already in bribes. Cameron and Heseltine leading the nastiness already worn by the Bliars, Kinnocks, Pattens and Mandleson types.

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