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Monday, 25 April 2016

Come On Britain.

Quit The EUSSR.

As Barry waffles on in Germany, without any mention of Russia's success in Syria, behind the scenes his desperation to flog the EUSSR American arms and control freakery and tie up protectionist trade deals with TTIP he fails to see the contradictions he is so full of with his rhetoric. On the one hand Europe must go out into the world, on the other hand join American protectionism.

I doubt he's noticed the unrest over TTIP just hours before his visit. Little mention by Merkin or Barry Barmy on the Turkish nastiness and war against civilians. Certainly zilch on the subject of Saudi behaviour and dubious liaisons with terrorists. 

Still we do have the popcorn American Presidential albeit the Establishment's nasty way of treating the electorate, as we are seeing with the UK referendum, we are also seeing the American corporate chicanery in full and unpleasant mode. However the discomfiture Trump's success is causing the sh*t peddling corporate carelessness is also something to enjoy.

To top off this Monday morning's post cast a glance in the direction of Austria. People power showing cojones for once. I do wonder if this is about to sweep the EUSSR and all of its nasty Establishment aside? One thing is for certain, keeping the UK enslaved is becoming ever more desperate a necessity. Let's hope that the British people will do the sensible thing and cut loose from this Mafia like bunch.


  1. RandomAnonymousCrank25 April 2016 at 20:38

    PCR always a good and I think honest read sums it up here and does I think make an excellent case for us to vote OUT

    And whilst on the subject lets not pay too much attention to, or waste our time considering the political witch doctors who cast their chicken bones onto the ground and come up with their black magic mumbo jumbo algebra of what might happen when we leave the eu nor the threats from obama about trade deals,I'm thinking Russia and China and a whole lot more counties who aren't under the US thumb want to buy ans sell plenty of stuff with us.
    One small every day thing which affects and often infuriates many people are the ridiculous bin collections (now being proposed to be once a month in one area) and recycling rules, probably looked upon with messianic glee by those types who believe in global warming like some sort of religion. The land fill taxes and fines for councils not fulfilling their recycling quota all can be traced back to the e flaming u , when we are out we could hopefully go back to weekly collections and forget about the control freaks, think about that message Mr. Farage it will reach a lot more hearts than airy fairy arguments about economics.