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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

British Muslims.

For Me A Contradiction In Terms.

I am sick to death at the daily barrage of brainwashing from the media and our grotesque excuse for leaders and their control freakery. Think this, buy that, do as we say not as we very definitely do and do so very badly. 

The constant cherry picking for selfish, corrupt ideals and practices. We are like sheep being constantly rounded up and eventually led to slaughter. The death for what once was held dear. Lives squashed for ideological and corporate profit, freedom slowly becoming a dirty word. 

The left's delight in rubbing our noses in the destruction of our values, culture and decency as a Christian guided morality. A morality seen to overcome the evil of Nazism and sheer evil. Yet a morality now deemed baggage, to be cast aside in favour of a misogynistic, barbaric savagery, once believed only to have contaminated more remote parts of the planet.

Now any crime, abuse of females, young or old that is done ostensibly in the convenient name of Islam we are supposed to tolerate and accept. Hatred of this sick creed's adherence to values abhorrent in any cultured environment is an antipathy christened, pun intended, as Islamophobia. Christianity phobia, the reverse of the prioritised Islamic favouritism practised in spades by our Establishment traitors, is encouraged in those who wish us harm and genocidally purged.

Tomorrow evening an extensive report trailed in this link has already caused the chatterati, now Muslim dominated, venom against the rest of us. Howls of protest massaged with biased saccharin as to the findings being not too bad! Let me say this, were the reporter, that generally excellent guy, Phillips, not black but white he'd be on remand right now for inciting Islamophobia.

On yesterday's Politics Today, here are two short links,, which offered a despicable debate which just should never have ever been possible. The Khan woman a glamorous and apparently integrated woman presented as a reasonable representative of Sharia law and Islamic misogyny. However she came across as an advocate and supporter of ever widening supremacy of male dominated sharia.

Both Neil and his three guests were horrified as this poster girl for IS strutted her stuff and ground our faces in her sense of superiority and power. The face of eventual EUSSR female concentration guards, just you see. You only have to follow the minimal fall out for the rapists of Cologne to see where we're headed.

In sharia courts would the victims be sentenced to be lashed? The scum perpetrators exonerated since the young women deserved it? Is this guy for real? Are we to believe that because he lays claim to being a Muslim this trumps lust? About as realistic as there not being a Muslim on earth that has ever drunk a drop or two of hooch. More a case of sheer frustration he was to much unlikely to get a way with making unwanted and unwelcome advances in so public an environment.

What a primitive culture we are supposed to accept being force fed. That gross phrase, rightly haunting the moronic left, is now slowly being reversed. Our whole race of white Northern Hemisphere inhabitants are now getting a drubbing begun by those now losing the mass migration, multicultural high ground, such as it was. 

Sadly their ignorance in promoting this social engineering, of genocidal hue, is creating a growing anger opening the doors to a violent outcome likely to be as terrible as anything Hitler managed. I hope I'm wrong but of this I'm sure, a vote to remain in Europe will hasten that future. Don't miss the programme tomorrow. My one gripe is, however, the phrase "British Muslims". They are aliens from alien cultures living on these shores with the blessing and connivance of our sick Establishment. Muslims first and foremost, British they're not.

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