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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Why Are Bailed Out Banks Failing?

Is This A Possible Reason?

A pay day loan! I have blogged many times about the manner the crooks running the global banking scams were more than happy to get into the bloodbath tubs run by gangsters. All of them. Albeit HSBC probably hold the largest badge of dishonourable blind eye turning. Very profitable for those at the top of this friend of cartels killers.

My point I wish, however, to make is this. Despite billions from western taxpayers, including many of the weaker, Greece for example, EUSSR economies, how is it that behind the scenes these institutions are still weak and very fragile? 

I suggest that the alliances, begging bowls and political encouragement to find cash, the bankers were forced to reverse the normal rules of money laundering. That is to say, the laundry had to pay the cartels for the use of that cash which once gave the banks and governments the profitable percentages for laundering. 

Furthermore, whereas the political hierarchies could rely on military and secret service protection against any default risks, the bankers brokering the trillions of dollars agreements, are less secure. So every time the depositors of these blood stained notes felt their returns were either too small, or late, the threats to the "broker's" well being could be ratcheted up.

Naturally the methods and processes used to put these deals in place will have been orchestrated by the secret services across the Globe. Chief among them the CIA. Probably even to the extent of aiding production in the Afghan poppy fields. More Oldrightie crap, I can feel you thinking. Of course it. What evidence could possibly exist for such wild claims.

Well, should you have chosen to ignore the link, here's a taster!

The profits are largely reaped at the level of the international wholesale and retail markets of heroin as well as in the process of money laundering in Western banking institutions. 
The revenues derived from the global trade in heroin constitute a multibillion dollar bonanza for financial institutions and organized crime.

If we stop for a moment, these colossal sums are just unimaginable. OK, so it has all been printed by government presses but they still represent a purchasing power and weapon for extortion beyond measure. Economic howitzers, if you will. The distribution of which will service all kinds of nefarious activities.

So when you look to remain in the EUSSR just bear in mind the cost of such faith in an Establishment fully aware of its actions and the consequences. Some, probably Bliar among them, will be living in fear for their lives. Protected only by their betrayed taxpayer funded security blankets.

If you, as Donald Trump wishes, were able to build a wall against the likes of the Mexican, let alone global cartels, surely you might be tempted? Well leaving the EUSSR and its banking personnel, in hock to the drug barons and Mafia, would be one heck of a footings poured to start that work.

Finally, if anyone considers our Establishment, its spooks and the rest of them, Privy Councillors, Heywood and Cameron, are all ignorant of the "payday" loans to be serviced in the coming years, think again. I can think of few other "normal" economic cycles that have failed to recover as this one, since 2007.

Despite huge economic activity, worldwide, airliner sales, energy production and massive human demand overwhelming the capability to produce and satisfy, still we are mired in recession and decay. Well, most of us. The few happy to grab whatever they can, regardless of the cost to decency and honour, will continue to revel in utter luxury.

That is unless they find themselves in debt to the cartels who provide their lavish arrogance. Not necessarily a financial liability, either. Sometimes the world can become a very lonely and uncomfortable place. Just look closely at Bliar's haunted, haggard face! Or Cameron's for that matter, heir to Blair!

One final irony. The left, their pc celebs and luvvies all rail against the average individual doing OK, despite the odds. You never hear of any criticism of the real power brokers and crooks more deserving, than any member of UKIP or Trump voter, of a genuine vitriol for selling their blackened souls to the devil that is gangsterism and its attendant brutality.    

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