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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Putin Plays The Rest As In Manipulates.

Western Media Perplexed.

When Western propaganda is spewed forth it always speaks of Putin as though he's not got millions of citizens happy to have him as a leader. Something this EUSSR has not, other than a wannabee President of Fuhrerschein Merkel. Why else would she want several million Muslim fanatics on board the Deutsche gravy train but for votes?

If one wasn't clued up on the mess in Syria you would assume the CIA are whiter than white in the destabilisation in that now blighted Country. As I write often, we own the global rights to hypocrisy in the West. The excellent summary in the link shows the efficacy of our duplicitous lot run from Washington and Wall Street.

To underline even more boldly, consider the easy life Erdogan gets in the West. A tyrant probably with less of a successful track record in secular rule than Assad. The latter gets bombed to hell by Western backed rebels, Erdogan pockets €6 billion plus as a down payment to fuel his own expansionist ambition. Most of that will be straight into secret Swiss accounts and arms dealers pockets. Not least those of close family connections.

That we Brits have a chance to leave these corrupt, gangster ridden scum to fall off the cliff without us seems a no brainer to me. First move I'd make when able would be a mega trade deal with Russia. Give me Putin over Corporate, faceless America any day.

That feeling happily accepts that much of the vilification of Vlad is every bit CIA fiction as is the same crap levelled at Assad. Even if every accusation were true, it would only mirror the depths to which the West has sunk in this terrible human condition of today. One dismissive of Christian mores and in thrall to the misogynistic, brutal barbarity of Islam.

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