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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Over Egging Or What?

Calais Jungle Will Be Carted Across The Channel.

The "remain" rhetoric goes on and on. Murdoch's BSKYB earning its billions along with the backhanders BBC tie ups with the EUSSR apparatchiks and the cosy statements from today's stormtrooper French quislings, in Berlin's grip. Note the suggestion the Calais Jungle would move to the UK.

That's one of the rotten eggs stated by Camoron after his so called renegotiation talks. I suspect the manner his fellow dictators are now, already repeating the scare stories show that those "talks" were more about a concerted effort to lie and fool the UK electorate into voting to remain.

Why would the whole Federal project change its attitude, as stated by, albeit disputed in its attribution, Jean Monnet. Also part of my banner headings.

Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.’

Indeed there seems much less concern by the EUSSR and its slavish worshippers to any longer be concerned about that federal, stupid ambition. However the gurning and pathetic edicts pouring forth that this super state will morph into a better Nation than it presently is creating, is an extreme delusion if ever there was one.

The talk of markets collapsing, migration spiralling out of control and banks and politicians under the vicious control of Mafia lenders of last resort, suddenly holier than thou or I, is a joke. A joke every bit as at odds with fact as is the economic nightmare reality of still failing EU banks and economies. Trouble is we are the butt of those hilarious meetings where our seeming stupidity exceeds the ignorance of the crooks feasting at our expense.

Let us be very clear. History has overseen the destruction of all Empires. Probably mass migration often a factor. Indeed if we are daft enough to believe the torrent of lies from the self interested parties lining up, their back pockets bulging with our cash, to dupe us yet  again into the awful slavery that is EUSSR bureaucracy, perhaps we deserve all the horrors "remain" will inflict.

Put aside the present migrant hordes, Turkey will add millions with a direct footpath to the channel ports. Calais is, in actual fact, a festering, EUSSR self-inflicted sore. One which will ooze ever further pus from the gross and pathetic nature of the failures of this awful organisation.

The Human Rights shackles on justified halting of mass migration. A handicap not, to date, bothering recent Australian action. Europe just pronounces, on a regular basis, all are welcome! An Establishment shrug of the shoulders to the violent sexual, criminal and terrorist personnel allowed free movement on the rubber stamp of some lackey too thick to know any better.

Well, out of this "club" we would not be under the thumb of a Nazi like organisation. Nor would we be so vulnerable to collective stitch ups these secretive Commissioners love to relish. When you realise it's the likes of Mandleson and Heywood who pull the strings, the full horror should overwhelm every voter. Hundreds of  folk like Merkel, the Kinnocks, the Bliars, Hammond, Camoron, Osborne. Everyone of them mired in ill gotten gains, bloodstained hands and self interest. All in thrall to a failed concept evidential in every corner of Europe. Greece just the highest but not only example.

Each one of the corrupted idiots not caring one jot for those so badly done by, from decades of an ever more corrupt, evil establishment. "Remain" a cabal of folk hell bent on pissing on the graves of millions of lives sacrificed to stop an identical power crazed Nazi establishment. Every migrant trafficked or duped into what are not much better than latter day Belsen style concentration camps, is a victim not of Europe's people but their masters. Every vote to perpetuate this awfulness is one for making this crisis even worse.

As the Battle of The Somme is remembered, we are witnessing the very death of those principles, mostly based on Christian values and teaching, trampled, ironically, in the mud of France, yet again. The only difference, so far, is that the weaponry is an economic carrot and no stick. The inmates of the present camps mainly chancers and riff raff, mingled with a few newsworthy innocents. Vote for more of this debacle and the inmates of future concentration centres will rapidly become our own young and elderly. 

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