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Friday, 11 March 2016

Obummer's Slip Shows.

Not A Nice Man.

Hard to guess which one, really. On balance probably both. At least as political Establishment figures. However Obummer has a nerve to highlight the mess in Libya as though he has no knowledge of both the UK and French involvement was as proxies for the American Corporate Establishment.

An Establishment for which Obummer is a somewhat weak puppet. Nevertheless Cameron is no more than a doll with strings firmly held in Merkel and her pals in Brussels. So it seems that here are two guys very indifferent to each other as similar character types so often are.

It is also evident that the so called "special relationship" has long been fractured. Certainly over the years of this present White House incumbent. A man frequently unable to show any empathy to other world leaders. Weak or strong. The same man who seethes with jealousy and envy over Putin. That he could be followed by that other non-democrat, Hillary Shrill Loudmouth, doesn't bode well. 

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