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Monday, 7 March 2016

More EUSSR Hot Air Piffle.

The Chief People Trafficker.

This man is the new incarnation of a modern Hitler. Ergo, a perfect individual to join the EUSSR Fourth Reich! Not only is he hand in glove and in a wallet stuffed alliance with ISIS, as we read in this report, he operates with impunity many other multi billion scams, with the craven EU sycophants, Cameron among them, happily obliging his wealth with our money.

I suspect he's on the phone, in the picture above, to the ISIS envoy for people trafficking. A superb business where you get paid by the EUSSR for the work you are already paid well for, in shifting millions of migrants, a few refugees among them, into Europe.

The ridiculous "summit" presently underway on this matter little more than pathetic PR, as ever, with no genuine tough decisions ever being made. One such decision, for example, could be to take their noses out of Erdogan's backside and tell him his Country will never, ever be welcome as "European".

Naturally, since Erdogan is a member of NATO and heavily mates with Washington and Obummer, he's untouchable. Indeed any criticism is easily crushed when you have such powerful fellow travellers. Scenes like this no problem at all. To hear this very morning the only answer these morons from the EUSSR have is a pleading genuflection to Turkey.

Given they are appealing to a man who stands to win, win when faced with this wealth creating scenario is sickeningly hilarious. Add to the picture the grossly weak henchman of Cameron's, Fallon, spouting about tackling traffickers with "cruise ships" acting as floating magnets to the boats launched from Turkish ports. What a shambles.

A mess wholly created by America and the EUSSR. Interventionism, post 9/11, has done exactly what the anti Western cultures wished for. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya all utter failures with just one result. The weakening of Western economies, the now virtual invasion of Countries now struggling to fund infrastructure, never meant to fund the swollen populations now arriving every day.

A further nonsense, "open borders" and the Schengen treaty signatories is ignored as a major factor allowing Erdogan and his fellow traffickers free rein. A holy cow, a sacred icon of this Federal dream. A nightmare for all but those looking to grow fatter and richer on its back. I am far from alone in this observation. 

If the "remain" lot are using a "fear" factor, the "leave" should highlight the real dangers of being controlled by the likes of Mandleson, Bliar, the Kinnocks and so forth. As Raedwald points out, these are the very rotten core of people identical to those secretive, unknown, faceless Commissioners in the EUSSR. A very dubious register of self interested and unpleasant internationalists.

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